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General DiscussionHow to deal with an Aghs-Blademail LC as Sniper?

How to deal with an Aghs-Blademail LC as Sniper? in General Discussion
Palmen aus Plastik

    I was owning everyone else until the point LC started catching me off with a shadow blade/blink duel with halberd to pop my Linkens. I was the only functional carry in my team and really....was the only one with any kind of damage output to take towers against techies.

    If i waited till LC showed herself then my team gets wiped out, I kill LC...but our push is effectively over. But if I pushed with team, LC just jumps me in the middle of everything and ends me before I even do anything. Do I buy aeon disc or what?

    Match for reference :

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      Your last question is your answer.

      Palmen aus Plastik

        What item should I have replaced with the disc?

        keel (جامد جامد)

          im no good dota player...but im 100% sure diffusal on sniper is worthless since getting in range to use it is suicide most of the time...also
 will eblade help you against lc
          there is two ways i think
          butterfly to help you survive a bit maybe aeon disc to negate some of the damage
          rapier aghs meme build and help your team from across the map
          maybe tell your teammates to build a linkens and put it on you so she has to work harder to get duel off which allows counter play
          but all of that of course is just a very simple one sided way to look at things...which is criticizing item builds
          maybe if you watch your own replay you'll be able to understand how she caught you off one time on sb reveal is understandable....but getting caught out multiple times when youre the only functional carry is unacceptable
          just look at what she did to be able to catch you off guard and plan accordingly next time you play against an lc

          Palmen aus Plastik

            i got the eblade for riki mostly. i mean i needed the ghost sceptre. he was super farmed and i needed to survive his ult. Plus I got the almost-zero cast time assassinate talent so i made an eblade and it worked a few times against lc too when i saw her for a split second and i quickly ebladed myself and his duel got wasted. diffusal really, i got for medusa, because my AM was just dying too much to be able to do anything to medusa for most of the game.

            but you are saying my positioning was bad. I dont see how....i mean i was with the team, and LC just jump duels me and dies after killing me. Thats it. Where could i position myself?

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              well sniper is always pretty easy to kill if your always out of position,work on your positioning and youre good to go, and why did you buy diffusal? did you buy e blade for riki? and i think the only problem in your game is the vision

              Palmen aus Plastik

                ^yeah. we posted at the same time, thats why you missed it :D


                  you dont need diffusal for medusa,you have a very fast attack speed,you just need damage item to kill medusa not diffusal

                  Palmen aus Plastik

                    i see. replace diffusal with disc then? or...something else? mkb?

                    keel (جامد جامد)

                      ye according to me watching medusa vs sniper a couple times...can confirm getting mkb or some damage item melts dusa
                      so maybe linkens aeon disc boots pike mkb butterfly


                        i think mjollnir is a very good item for sniper, and a butterfly maybe and yeah you can replace that diffusal with aeon disk

                        Palmen aus Plastik

                          ok then. As long as disc is off CD i can survive a duel i guess, and techies bombs too. Actually i feel stupid now for not buying the disc and selling diffusal.

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                            Defense of the acc buyers 2

                              The solution is to not let her ult you, always stay behind your team and if she's missing on the map it means she's coming to kill you, play safer.


                                what about not picking sniper at all? as long as u pick sth good agaisnt ur enemies u can win in 2k-3k! and i think sniper is not good safe pick if u are picking it before enemy cores, if they pick pl mid ur done and meanwhile they have freefarmed pl mid! what u can do against pl? and as last pick hero sucks too :) only thing he can do is stay at hg and extend the game to point enemy make mistake and throw the game! he cant make u solo win the game!


                                  Buy disc, satanic, skadi, mkb, butter, linkens as main 6 items. Travels and another butter in your backpack, switch the extra butter when disc on cd, switch travels for when I want. Buy a gem and put it into your teammates inventory, just pop your satanic in fights when your linkens is disabled. Position yourself in middle of your team in fights so that your guarded on all sides. You can add moon shards for extra vision and add a silver edge in the remaining backpack slot if you really need it which you most likely will in a low MMR pub. It took me 2 mins to come up with this idea, let me know you see any flaw, I'll explain and/or correct it.

                                  Perpetual State of Indiff...

                                    Your teammate uses linkens on you


                                      almost before even opening this page i guessed it's going to be a normal skill game.

                                      Palmen aus Plastik

                                        please assume i dont have teammates. you dont know how it is in 2k. If I cant win solo, I cant win at all.

                                        @Ashes, i see no flaws in it. I bought diffusal where i should have bought disc. Wont make this mistake again.

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                                          Lc saduwblad + techies + riki :)


                                            Linkens-Pike-Shadowblade, when she pop your linkens just go in SB move away to safe distance and re-engage, if she keep chasing you you pike hey away or you force yourself uphill or into fog etc so by the time she reaches you again she is long dead..

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                                            Alpine Start

                                              Disk is worthless level 3 legion ulti lasts for 8 seconds lmao. Just buy a linkens and put sentries down, legion shouldn't be able to blink+pop linkens+duel if you have reasonably fast fingers.

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                                                michael sassbender

                                                  How to beat a 2k/3k lc? map awareness generally does the trick


                                                    ^But look at the entire lineup, lc wasn't just the problem. Lookup the match and suggest.


                                                      70+ minute game... Where are your items?

                                                      Vision probably was the issue as it usually is in shit tier games... The AM should be killing the entire enemy team at this point, but I guess he couldn't do anything. This is a team game... You need to do it as a unit. The LC with Aghs can take out only one hero on your team. Then she needs to die...


                                                        dont get duelled
                                                        play extra safe untill lc shows


                                                          Yeah aeon disc wouldn't have saved you in this game. At least not once legion has aghs. Butterfly and satanic are good items to help counteract duels but eventually legions going to get to the point where anyone she duels is going to die and at that point you just have to be aware of the legion at all times and not give her a way to jump on you. Play in the back lines, drop shrapnel on her to prevent her blink. If she blinks in and doesn't get a duel off she's pretty screwed unless her team can back her up. Just have to kite her and not give her free jump ins.


                                                            "please assume i dont have teammates. you dont know how it is in 2k. If I cant win solo, I cant win at all."

                                                            then dont pick sniper ! u think smurfs and boosters win 2k-3k with sniper? omega lul !


                                                              ^What if you want to win as sniper in 2k, it's not impossible lol, it's really easy if you know how to play Dota

                                                              One True Merchant

                                                                Backpack bunch of sentries and wards
                                                                Spam them at the place you're gonna fight
                                                                You can now see LC coming


                                                                  just because you are a carry doesn't mean that you can't buy Sentry/Observer wards at all. Instead of purchasing items that require tons of gold why not just buying a couple of Sentries for yourself and place them right under yourself in the fights ? or just asking the sups to do so! you can even buy them and give it to your sups to plant them if you don't have enough space in your inventory. Your team has a gem, but against an LC that wants to jump on the sniper in the back line gem is useless most of the times since you are not standing in vision range of the gem in the fights. In my opinion, the only item that your team needed to win was Sentry ward (a ton of it, maybe at least 40-50 sentry to counter such a hard-hitting LC).
                                                                  One more thing to remember is the importance of Buy back in the late game. In the late game, you should always have buyback and abuse your buyback! LC can duel you and kill you once in the late game but if you instantly buyback and join the fights there is not much he can do!