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    I always see high ranked ursa players that they do not really click on people for attack they just point the cursor near them and whenever the hero is in range , he autoattacks without any delay , irrespective of whether our hero reached the given destination or not . Am i just seeing wrong or is there some way to have this option .

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      I think it’s called smart attack. I’m on my phone so I can’t check but I’ll check for you when I’m back at my pc

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        Someone confirm his please.
        -Friendly player.


          Its Just the attack Command. I use it when rotating while buying items. You Select a location using the attack command and your hero will auto attack anything that comes close to it automatically.


            The attack commands targets creeps,neutrals, towers and there is a delay as well in some cases.
            Doesnt sound like what OP was talking about


              it's called "Smart Attack Move"


                smart attack and quick attack, select them both


                  I have tried testing it in demo , though took me some time . Its the smart attack move MIXED WITH attack move . Its such that whenever i press "A" key now , even without using mouse JUST "A" , my unit will attack the thing nearest to that point and if he is in fog he will just follow , immediately attacking once in vision . Now people wont be able to juke me :) Plus nice for farming neuts as it improves efficiency . Ty brothers.