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Gym 5 days Rest 2 days

    Lol. Just lol. All you can do is lol.

    Gym 5 days Rest 2 days

      At least I can get more charges again on the rupture kill gem.

      What a fucking joke.


        Murranji pls stop already about Blood. He works fine in pubs. Whenever he’s been meta for pros, he’s had losing winrates.

        One True Merchant

          Huge nerf. The non-lethal version dealt much more initial damage and actually could scale into late game.
          Now he can't scale for shit.

          Gym 5 days Rest 2 days

            Nerfs his agi gain which is the only buff he received for the last year. Minor mana cost reduction for bloodrite (sure he couldn't fit in another useless cooldown buff?), rupture change is completely undone except keeps the duration nerf from before, gets no improvement to the amount of damage done (which was what moving it to a percentage of hp was meant to fix).

            Meanwhile we have terrorblade getting an aghs that adds ravage to his ulti, death prophet gets a semi permanent exorcism, templar assassin gets a nature's prophet skill, windranger gets permanent +45% movespeed and 100% evasion, and 50 other heroes get stat and talent buffs.

            keel (جامد جامد)

              wish i had someone obsessed with me like murranji is obsessed with bs


                Brood get 20 webs and no need to make boots at all :D Over 550 movement speed just agha


                  Good. Bloodseeker is horrible to play against and I am glad hes trash like the ppl who pick him


                    just murranji things nothing new here folks !

                    TIlt or Rage Thats the qu...

                      Fuck off Bs deserve it

                      Gym 5 days Rest 2 days

                        -2.75% average pub winrate. Going to be a top tier pick for the “never picked” pile for this years TI, again.

                        Meanwhile Chen going to be first ban material. Nice.


                          Pls move on, you gotta let him(bs) go


                            isnt he was like really good previous patch

                            Ashes. John W33k.

                              Point is if bs is good, he will be utter broken in pubs.
                              But unfortunately bs is not even situational now, IDC anyway just saying.


                                Bs have literally one good spell, funny part its a passive spell, out of that hes useless against non bots players.

                                Play him as support.


                                  Lol, ranting about hero, who had in last month in all brackets TOP6 winrates - in divine he was TOP4. Surprise, he was nerfed.

                                  He just doesnt suit professional meta, so he is not picked. But in pub he is perfectly fine, but similarly to tinker, visage, brood, zeus etc he is more of the chaotic pub hero more than pro games hero, where you need utility more.

                                  The thing is that BS is hard to balance for pro games - slight buff can make him completely broken.

                                  T'ekaaluk (Feachairu #1 Fan)

                                    So they reverse the rupture back but didn't get the max distance cap? Hmmmmmm

                                    One True Merchant


                                      ur parents r siblings

                                        Bloodsexual this guy right here bois

                                        Ashes. John W33k.

                                          Eg dumping on Allianlul with BS.


                                            dude there are 115+ heroes in dota and you post every single time a patch effects blood.

                                            Dota 2 does not revolve around blood seeker.

                                            Accept it

                                            One True Merchant

                                              EG is on fire dude, no way AlLULiance can stop their win streak.

                                              avenger #hippohype


                                                TI Waiting Room

                                                  doesnt matter you are still garbo

                                                  Jack Attack

                                                    Tnc stopped them with ease.


                                                      TNC won game one but lost the next 2 games