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General DiscussionSwapping collector's cache sets 2019 [1:1] or [3:2]

Swapping collector's cache sets 2019 [1:1] or [3:2] in General Discussion
The Flying Pig

    I have Drow ranger, Dragon Knight, Undying and Chen Sets
    Looking for Huskar and Oracle sets

    I can go for 3:2

    Ця тема була відредагована

      Why not just buy them all... they arent that expensive and if ur lucky u wil get the rares like i did lol

      Tu tayta

        Depending on where you live, they can get pretty expensive. A dollar is worth 3 times my countrie's currency for example (Vital stuff is still cheap enough though).
        Also, who knows? Maybe he/she doesn't earn money...


          i bought them as many as i needed to get the rubick :) now i have like 3 pa and disruptor if someone is interested

          your dad

            @miC would you accept non Cache sets for 1 pa set?

            your dad

              @The Flying Pig hey, I can swap you an Oracle set for the DK one if you still want it


                I have Drow ranger, Chen Slark Sets, will swap them to Dazzle, Grimstroke and Undying


                  lets swap orecle and drow what about that?


                    i can also swap undying for drow all i want is drow


                      i need drow and i can swap dazzle or dp or earth spirit or huskar


                        @phoenix are u interested in dazzle still?


                          does anyone have the invoker from the last year's collector's cache? i have this year's drow from cache II and i'll swap it for either that or SF from 2019 CC.


                            Need Jug Ultra rare set i have all COLLECTOR'S CACHE take what ever u want give me JUG.

                            hoochie mamma

                              i have drow abbadon from cc1 and broodmother 2019 if anybody willing to change i want slark sf dk and pangolier