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    I'm flying to Manchester-Boston's airport and I'll arrive at midnight. Are there any uber drivers who are willing to drive me at my place(roughly 54 miles) at that time? Ty


      Is this supposed to be a travel brag? WeirdChamp


        No unironically asking that

        design by subtraction

          dw baby if nobody comes i will :*


            Tribo from Manchester UK?


              what is tribo dw?

              if you find a chipotle can you eat there on my behalf?

              cic mile



                  This bitch just wanna to say “Hey im rich because i always travelling from uk to usa with a plane, while you losers got stuck and staying in poor 3rd world’s country”


                    Imagine flying from New Zealand to EU, travel time over 30h,once i had over 40h.


                      Im honestly asking if u guys have ever taken an uber after midnight
                      MR NICE GUY
                      Sea animal back to ur cage

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                        Just use the app lmao there's usually always people that drive Uber regardless of the time. Especially in cities.


                          how the fuck does someone flying into a city can be considered bragging anyway,you guys are retarded lmao,maybe if you buy a hotel or something or stay in some expensive stuff or eat stuff

                          anyway from what i experience on my travels whatever the time is there is always driver for grab/uber or something,some probably prefer to go on nights to drive

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                          cic mile

                            it's bragging to some of us,especially when you are poor as me,and live in a shithole


                              trust me for someone who doesn't like travels it aint as fucking fun as you think

                              yea sure,you can say "vacation" / "traveling" but your heart is on playing games,i wanna to be on my computer dammit or even doing something else

                              whoa shit,"vacation" or "traveling" does sounds fancy,but if it aint your hobby it seriously aint that fun or just tiring

                              gotta be grateful for any kind of situations though,but it sucks

                              airplanes are also annoying cause maybe they can explode when you fly and you die when you can still live for 20000~ years more

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