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General DiscussionAny of you guys need coaching?

Any of you guys need coaching? in General Discussion
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    Hey guys,I would love to coach someone if you are interested. I believe that I have a pretty deep understanding about the game since I play quite a lot and try to improve constantly. I mostly play 1/2 position but I do fine in any other role. I will reply with whats needed,for example my steam account etc. if any of you guys are interested. Thanks in advance!

    Idiz Wadidiz

      You die when you stop body is ready. Let me know how you want to get in touch. My region is EU. Thanks !


        i always want to learn from players who is better than me. can u add me? my account cannot invite friends. do i have to use mic?

        Real Mem

          Touch me daddy


            I want to get to divine......i seem to have the most success as support role but i want to get better at carry and mid


              Dude I want to get coached .Is that even a question of interest ? I dont think I'll get a better chance unless BSJ decides to coach me himself xD

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              Pain is subjective and te...

                hey guys, this is my steam account if u want to add and we can talk private about details and stuff : . about using mic you are not obligated to, is fine, but I would preffer so.


                  Cant add limited acc


                    this isnt 4 free right?

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                      well, I dont gain anything from coaching meaning I dont get better myself so some compensation would be nice. we can negociate price and stuff so it works for both parties.

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                        I added you guys that said that you couldnt add.


                          wow, immortal coaching, i added u, but i dont pay any money


                            Touch me daddy

                            No ntr pls


                              i need to know ur mmr first

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                                6.7k mmr after loss streak.about top 900 eu


                                  Hey bro, how much would you ask for to watch, analyse and comment my gameplay from game i choose and make video from it with link to YouTube?
                                  I have real interest for this.


                                    good question

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                                      price is negociable, ill add your steam account and we can talk .


                                        Definately yeah. I was considering it.