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General DiscussionCan someone explain to me how to win

Can someone explain to me how to win in General Discussion

    I'm losing really hard this past few months I lost 800 mmr I even use my bestest hero I can and I don't think It's my fault every time. These are my past 3 games for example.

    Game 1: - my es mid is useless 10 minutes (although i missed a lot of arrows early) my necro has weird items and lastly no one bought radiance against those heroes
    Game 2: - my wr is my necro last game and well I now know he suxs he didn't buy bkb but he got aghs (we lost mostly because void has good chronos) also i should've bought vessel
    Game 3: - my troll said he needed a lockdown so wr and I told him go basher welp he insisted on his diffusal (I don't really know what to buy i had aghs buff i wanted heart next but we lost)

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      Kunka whoops your ass. Thats the constant from those 3 games you posted.


        ^nope you thought of that cause of xmark but human error happens there's small window to leap out from an xmark combo even high tier kunkka players can't 100% do xmark combo or perhaps kunkka tide bringer burst? also no I'm pretty confident with my positioning but maybe I should start buying Force and Vessel


          There is no way to win.
          Delete Dota 2.


            probably tell your 5 player to pick sd/bane if you want to play mirana 4 i guess

            dont know much about supports on how to solo carrying lol


              Play Bane or SD for high impact without items xD

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                Did you play pos 4 potm? If you did why did you buy core items? You "stole" that farm from your cores, there cant be more than 3 core heroes in game, that's some herald level shit, build items to save your cores not to do damage or farm, try this for a few games.

                let this choppa eat his l...

                  would not say u carried in any of this games, in some of them u definetly played bad, if u wanna up mmr on such ranks i would reccomend you to play core roles.


                    I ain't stealing any farm they're practically most of the time dead or farming jungle so i can push waves whenever it gets near tower
                    I'm a support player so I should be playing support


                      Bad build, must go tranq wand lace urn eul every game on pos 4 mirana

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                        I ain't stealing any farm they're practically most of the time dead or farming jungle so i can push waves whenever it gets near tower
                        I'm a support player so I should be playing support

                        You cant support with that mindset, you need to itemize pos 4 to keep your cores alive in clashes so they can do damage, thats your job, pushing/farming is their job, if they dont feel safe farming lanes, secure it with vision or go babysit them.

                        Don't put yourself over them, you are in same bracket, just dont tilt and exchange flame with them, thats a huge waste of time, do your job if you lose you lost if you win that's nice. Just focus on your role and you will be fine, you cant get shit cores every game. Even if they are shit if you do a good job to enable them early and keep them ahead by stacking helping them last hit, they will perform better.


                          can push waves whenever it gets near tower

                          thats made my day :axe_laugh:


                            ya im sure making mjollnir, diffusal on mirana is the way support works

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                              @Marko Bulat
                              These are just bad suggestions. The team would end up with 2 pos. 5 heroes instead of a real pos. 4, which is very bad.
                              You don't play like fucking Oracle pos. 5 on POTM.

                              On pos. 4 you buy items, which are beneficial both to you and to your team.
                              Solar/Atos/Vessel/Veil/Vlads/Crimson/etc., if you're fat/snowballing out of control you get Hex/core items.

                              Building Diffu/Mjol on POTM pos. 4 right away might be wrong, but telling the guy to babysit cores and keep buying save items is just retarded. Pos. 4 != pos. 5.

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                                ^ Every time i see my pos4 buying carry items i destroy my items, if you wanna play core, queue for core, its easy now.


                                  how to win? stop playing pos 4/5


                                    I ain't stealing any farm they're practically most of the time dead or farming jungle so i can push waves whenever it gets near tower
                                    I'm a support player so I should be playing support

                                    Yep that is huge problem in dog shit IQ bracket. To defend or to not to defend. If no one goes to defend in time team lose exp and gold.

                                    Should we supports just mute in game sounds like "your tower is under attack" and pray core players do their job?

                                    In my opinion TP to defend just before enemy creeps start to hit tower is good because it doesn't stop my core to do the same and take the farm while my job is to secure his doings when he is in the RIGHT place! Hard to help if core player IQ is below dog shit and can't move where he would max his farm.

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                                      come play party I will show you How to win


                                        First of all ignore all comments about stop playing pos 4/5. You should be able to play any role you want. As someone who has played pos 5 for years I've come to realize that you're the Navigator of the ship. Use chat wheels, report missing, ping the map when you notice something is not right, ward areas in advance, pull & stack your camps. The key to being a good pos 5 is efficiency around the map. You gotta think of your role as the entire team itself. Make sacrifices, be willing to give your life for a kill on a carry. Know what kind of trades fall in your favor & take note of the resources your team needs to commit knowing when to commit & when not to, you don't always have to tp to any lanes to try & save your carries sometimes just pushing out a wave somewhere else causing them to back off your carry to defend a tower works too. Supports also mean not only supporting them item wise or ability wise but also morally, give them a well played when they do well. Say it's okay when they mess up. That is the true way of the support. At the end of the day it's not the amount of networth or deaths you have, it's not about that KDA it's about winning the game or not.

                                        You can't choose your carries. But you can provide them with the best scenarios & environment to carry the game for you. Weather or not they actually carry you with the advantage you give them is their issue. But never give up on them.

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                                          -950 rank now bois road 2 2k
                                 this 2 farmer hero pick last picked alche shitty items with shitty farming pattern


                                            i mean, myself ruined 2 games today, ppl yell at me and im cucky cause of my recent winrate, but u have serious problems nikki
                                            im sure u are the problem not the others, u are the one losing mmr not the others (in big picture)


                                              fault is a loser’s idea


                                                btw farming on supports is fine noobs lul, just dont fight ur carry for cs or spend all game jungling

                                                nobody wants to play with cm woth tranqs 1/2 force at 25 minutes


                                                  @Marko Bulat

                                                  > Pos. 4 BH snowballs out of control going 10-0
                                                  > Buys Solar and then goes for Orchid, because it looks good (Storm with no items on the enemy team).
                                                  > Support BH in a good game naturally has a shitton of gold, hence tracks, he didn't steal any CS.
                                                  > You see Orchid and start feeding.

                                                  Yea. Sure.
                                                  No, no, you wouldn't be wrong in that case. It's perfectly justified.
                                                  Pos. 4 BH with Force Staff, Arcanes and 1-10 KD is what you would like in your team, not this greedy bastard.
                                                  Even though he could solo win you the game at min 18-20. It doesn't matter to you. You don't see any issues here, apparently.

                                                  I mean, who would want to have a support solo win you the game? Nonsense.


                                                    @Marko Bulat

                                                    OH MY GOD, THIS POS. 4 SKYMAGE WENT KAYA AND SB WITH 10+ KDA IN A ~5700 AVG GAME.

                                                    He's so bad. Oh my god. Where's his Glimmer and Force Staff?
                                                    Gyro should've realized it's GG from min 0 and went straight Shadow Amulet, abandoned their party.
                                                    This is unacceptable. Support with core items, who didn't steal farm and has second highest hero damage in the game.
                                                    Should be reported, I guess.

                                                    OH GOD, LOOK AT THESE AWFUL PLAYERS, WHAT ARE THEY DOING ON THAT SKYMAGE?

                                                    I could find 100s of games at 5-6k+, where people situationally go core-like items on pos. 4, when they're snowballing/playing in late game.
                                                    Orchid/Hex/AC/Veil/Vessel/Solar/Vlads are all items, which amplify both you and your team's CC/damage output.

                                                    Finally look at ALOHADANCE building BKB/SB/Aghs/etc. on pos. 4 ES at tournament, because the game is long and why the hell not:

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                                                      @Marko Bulat

                                                      Let's draw a conclusion.
                                                      From all points of view (professional players/high MMR pubs/personal experience) situationally building core-like items is perfectly acceptable if it enables you to win the game.

                                                      Pos. 4 also either has a Midas/GPM talent/EXP talent or some other source of additional gold (BH's tracks, POTM's arrow-into-the-big-jungle-creep).

                                                      Any hero can outpush an empty lane, if the gold/exp are being wasted and cores wouldn't come. E.g. your mid is farming jungle, passes the lane, it stays empty and no core wants to go there. According to you, supports should deliberately avoid the lane, because... Because the sky is blue, I guess. No real reason.

                                                      Sky could get a fast Atos and shitstomp from that lane, BH could get a fast Solar and yield a very high impact, Earth Spirit could get a fast Vessel vs Huskar and solo win the crucial teamfight. But you're too brain damaged to comprehend any of that.

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                                               @ 3.7k core-mid i played them without feeling pressure now yall tell me it's my fault i keep losing on my support mmr it's now 3.4 from 4.4 there's no faken way it's my fault we lost game maybe 1/8 games but most of the time i can say it's never mine
                                                        edit: when i play 5 and there's this 4 who keeps buying wards and wasting gold on it instead of buying "core item" then he says "why you never buy wards 5?" i cant buy them if they're on cooldown can i? i always tell my 4 to never buy wards every game cos i dont trust them

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                                                          1. Tell 4 that you buy all the wards and he can play greedy. Explicitly. Mic/chat.
                                                          2. Find a stack to play in, if you want to win consistently as pos. 4/5 or accept occasional autoloss.

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                                                     2nd game of me playing mid i fed hard early and lose lane we won cos i buy good items and my 2 supports are just great (we mainly die between 10 minute cos we barely had any vision but it all work out) in short yall core buy good items so you win

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                                                                Come stak and I giff ure mmr back ez game 80% win ez mid gg I am serous loook for poz 5 partyyy


                                                                  Take a month brake, wait new patch, take yourself a brake from PC. This will help you.


                                                                    ^ I have taken almost a month break from using pc and playing dotes altogether, guess my mmr? :)

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                                                                      Im smurfing with pos4 Lina atm, try it, its fucking broken!

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                                                                        i cant also 9.3k behavior score but for some reason all of my games are all low behavior score..hard game to play..players are so toxic especially my teammates this past few games that i played..losing 200 mmr..feelsbadman

                                                                        im glad i lived today

                                                                          Destroy the enemy ancient


                                                                            "no faken way it's my fault"

                                                                            This sentence alone says it all.
                                                                            If you say this, you can never improve in anything.


                                                                              My suggestion for you is to focus on a single role, it could be support, carry or offlane, try to master one role first. Spam around 1~3 heroes only to raise mmr constantly.

                                                                              Watch 10000 hours stream of high skilled players, im saying pub matches not tournaments, like iceiceice for offlane, fabby pos4, they usually queue pub games, cuz tournaments and party matches are completely different

                                                                              You can learn alot from them, and understand why they managed to maintain top tier in pub

                                                                              Fuka suginai o nīchan

                                                                                Hit creeps, hit buildings, move your hero, buy items right click enemys.

                                                                                Mohammad pinoy

                                                                                  800 mmr holy shit that is like so hurt


                                                                                    the japon person saying is tru

                                                                                    focus on role(core preferably) den rape enemy with yer better skillz than em


                                                                                      I'm completely done playing support as solo tips for yall still playing solo you either play mirana, lina or shadow shaman as 4 and get gud ganks, tower pushing and space for your core and hopefully your core is done at farming and you win the game


                                                                                        i bet we will see a "CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW TO WIN" thread in a month from nikki about how bad his supports are xD


                                                                                          ^nope still complaining how bad the carry is which is me it's either i picked bad or i dont press bkb

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