Offlaners in 7.20By KawaiiSocks on

7.20 brought several new offlaners and solidified positions of some old ones as well, making for a rather diverse and interesting meta. It also seemingly got rid of the meta with carries in the offlane—current offlane heroes are now predominantly utility cores.

The Mid Heroes Of Patch 7.20By eggs on

While we still see some of the usual, mainstay heroes in the mid lane, patch 7.20 has also brought forth more heroes into the fold--both familiar and new.

Найбільше Допомог за матчЦього тижня
Supporting in 7.20By KawaiiSocks on

One of our biggest complaints about 7.19 overstaying its welcome was that the support meta got really stale by the end of the patch. There was only a handful of viable supports you could first- or second-pick in a regular pub match and not set your team up for a loss.

Winners And Losers of Patch 7.20By eggs on

Three weeks into 7.20 and we’ve already had three additional mini patches, but it hasn’t been enough to stem the trends of this patch’s best and worst heroes.

Understanding 7.20 Armor ChangesBy KawaiiSocks on

Patch 7.20 introduced a big change to a fundamental mechanic of Dota 2, and from our experience players still haven’t fully adjusted to it. We're taking a frrp look into the changes to armor calculations and what it means for the players.

Patch 7.20 Map ChangesBy KawaiiSocks on

New patch came with an overhauled map and while the heroes are still being changed and balanced, we don’t believe we are going to see any more map changes until the next big patch. A week later, with some professional teams already getting a chance to test the map in a competitive environment, it is the best time to look at how the changes to the map have influenced warding, pulling and team positioning.

The Impact of Patch 7.20's Item ChangesBy eggs on

Let's have a moment of silence for Ring of Aquila in patch 7.20, as we ponder the swath of changes to Dota's items. The patch introduced five new items--Kaya's combinations, Holy Locket, Ring of Tarrasque, and the new Crown--and reworked some of our most beloved trinkets.

Patch 7.20's General ChangesBy KawaiiSocks on

The wait is over and it seems it was worth it—the changelog for patch 7.20 is massive. Today we will be focusing on the general changes to the game, looking at how they might affect the gameplay and what they mean for an average Dota player.

The Last Day of 7.19By KawaiiSocks on

Several more interesting picks came out in Kuala Lumpur Major as the last hoorah for 7.19. While the majority of games were filled with the same old Terrorblades, Morphlings, Phantom Lancers and Arc Wardens, there were a couple of deviations teams have tried to answer the meta’s biggest threats.

Kuala Lumpur: Major SurprisesBy KawaiiSocks on

With 7.20 already confirmed for right after the Kuala Lumpur Major and given how the priority picks and bans were very stable for the last several tournaments, we decided not to do a full meta recap, instead focusing on the biggest meta surprises during this tournament.

Weekly Courier: Valve Addresses Issues Of Racism In Community, Patch 7.20 Releases In One Week, Kuala Lumpur Major Enters Final Stretch

Valve responds to the issues of racist language in the pro community, the much anticipated patch 7.20 is one week away, and the Kuala Lumpur Major enters its final week.

Brewmaster--The Winning, Micro-Intensive HeroBy eggs on

While its easy for players to be intimated by managing Brewmaster’s multiple summons, the hero has a greater than 50% win rate across all skill brackets.

DreamLeague Minor Stats Recap: New DevelopmentsBy KawaiiSocks on

DPC-season would start great, if it wasn’t for the same old patch. The first big tournaments both had great formats, amazing talent and very intense games… featuring the same heroes once again. However, just like with ESL One Hamburg, there were several new developments worth discussing.

Weekly Courier: Team Tigers Are The Dreamleague Minor Champions, Valve Details Future Majors, and Roster Changes Ahead of Kuala Lumpur Major

Tigers take down Na'Vi 3-2 to win the Dreamleague Minor and a ticket to the Kuala Lumpur Major, Valve announces the 2nd and 3rd Major of the circuit, and Team Aster and Nip make roster changes ahead of the KL Major.

Off The Circuit: Competing At WESG CanadaBy Cptn.Canuck on

With the Dota season kicking into gear, Dotabuff product manager, Cptn.Canuck, offers some perspective competing at the pro-amateur level, chronicling his journey to his first LAN at WESG Canada.

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