Winners and Losers of Patch 7.06By eggs on
Winners and Losers of Patch 7.06

Sven temporarily dethroned Spectre as the win rate king of pubs, right until the inevitable 7.06b patch that nudged him back down. And it wouldn’t be a Dota patch without a minor tweak to Dark Seer's skills.

Return of the Jungle?By KawaiiSocks on
Return of the Jungle?

It is very rare for Valve and Icefrog to revert the previous changes, but the latest patch brought back the single minute respawn for neutral camps, albeit with some XP and gold gain reductions. For many it signaled the theoretical return of the jungling and flash-farming heroes, but does it actually work in practice?

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7.06 Patch AnalysisBy Skim on
Crystal Maiden — the Queen of PubsBy KawaiiSocks on
Crystal Maiden — the Queen of Pubs

The trickle down effect of the professional meta into everyday pubs has been discussed at length, and today the focal point of one such discussion is going to be Crystal Maiden. Crystal Maiden is both one of the oldest Dota heroes and an iconic support—players are frequently introduced to Dota by playing CM.

Does it mean the hero is easy to learn? She probably is, but it doesn’t mean that she is not effective or weak. Against certain lineups she becomes a premier disabler, can dish out a lot of damage all while enabling her whole team with a very powerful global aura. In all other cases, she is still a very versatile and self-sufficient support who can bring a lot of utility to your side of the table.

Post-Kiev Pub TrendsBy KawaiiSocks on
Post-Kiev Pub Trends

Every big tournament develops its own meta and Kiev Major was no exception. The tournament saw the rise and fall of both hero and item popularities, all within the 6 days of the event. Naturally, parts of this meta transitioned into our everyday pubs, slightly changing pick priorities and some itemization choices.

The Ignored Heroes Of The Kiev MajorBy eggs on
The Ignored Heroes Of The Kiev Major

Nine heroes went unpicked and unbanned at the Kiev Major. As another patch version looms ahead before TI7, look to the ignored heroes of the Kiev Major as potential targets for buffs and reworks.

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