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Luna ~

    I first

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    Incè picciòn



        3rd yeah )

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        par73 KB24 | GTUBE

          WHERE IS DENDI?

          Jedem das Seine

            why a russian team is a part of "western shuffle"?
            we've got completely separate scene, shuffles and playstyle
            fix plox


              because west=non chinese/korean/sea


                Secret lost cause Arteezy throwed, and now he's back to throwing with EG. Makes me sad :/


                  Well, not sure how i feel about other tournaments... i feel they might dilute the excitement that revolves around the TI by having too many. kinda like having Christmas 3 times a year... it will start to lose its majesty. And it smells like trying to 'cash-in' on the money that comes from the TIs... but the stabilizing of team rosters is something I would like to see.... so i guess we'll see if this turns out the way the halo franchise went and gets run into the ground or becomes something good


                    Arteezy is BACK BABY!!!

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                    Cry more


                      BLUE POWER VAN

                        Strong taek from Fire's own:

                        1:25 MooDota2: Captained by veteran Fluffnstuff, they’ve been unafraid to go with unconventional picks, such as Slardar in the safe lane.
                        MooDota2: dotabuff everyone
                        MooDota2: SLARDAR
                        MooDota2: IN
                        MooDota2: THE
                        MooDota2: SAFELANE
                        MooDota2: WOO
                        MooDota2: it's obvious they haven't watched a match

                        Jedem das Seine

                          because west=non chinese/korean/sea

                          kazakhstan confirmed western country

                          ty bobby fischer <3


                            and navi what happen with them?


                              VP most successful Russian team since Na'Vi? Isn't Na'Vi a Ukranian team?

                              Die in battle and go to V...

                                Na'Vi - Ukranian team

                                Sexo Meister

                                  Ffs artzy should have stayed in secret, noe EG is gonna have a bad time


                                    cool (=


                                      Yeah, Na'vi are Ukranian, not Russian...


                                        what about 5Jungz?

                                        Dota Superking

                                          Mark my words, [A] will be back

                                          Cirkuspán Kubatán

                                            In [A] we trust, cause you know, s4, Loda, Akke and Bulldog on same roster again. Just a bit of EGM factor to make a perfect roster, but even Mynuts will be enough to work it out. See ya TI6, doesnt matter who we face, we gonna split push to Seattle for it.


                                              Typo: in C9's section it says that Ritsu was playing against C9...


                                                Na'vi has two Russians on their team. Virtus.Pro also has only two Russians on their team. Therefore, since Russia is bigger than Ukraine in land mass, Na'vi is a Russian team.

                                                Scorpio Kardia™R

                                                  i wanna see more EE plays !


                                                    Wow guess what? EG lost 0-2 to a weak european team (vega squadron)... Why? because as I said 2 weeks ago.. RTZ CANT PLAY FOR SHIT... Damnit EG I was rooting for you last year but this is goodbyes time...


                                                      4Head EleGiggle