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[CHI5] hetmanS halO


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      I really dislike how you didn't go deeper into mask of madness.
      That is still so strange to me, considering damage reduction/amplification stacks additively, instead of multiplicatively.

      Ursas ignored damage during ult goes from 80% to 50% with mask of madness on, it also costs more mana than you would need if you got a regular morbid mask/vlads.


        Mask of madness is a pretty shit item in pub as well as pro games. I was excited about this article because I was an ursa spammer once, but this article man... It's sooo bad


          Because you can kill fast if the overpower CD and move speed advantage

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            ursa is so fucking op that its disrespectful for me to pick him.noob hero with a lot of kills and if u get in a fucked up situation theres ur ult.
            nothing can stop him heroes like venomancer or oracle or sd or so on just slow him down to not kill his team or just run away
            anyone picking ursa in +5k mmr is like sayin hey guys im noob as fuck so i pick ursa :/
            this hero used to be op from Dota and its opier even now


              your dotabuff profile is an insult to the community bruh


                lol ursa picker spotted have fun bruh


                  The thing that bugs me about Ursa is that you can be brainless for the most of your game and still do well. You could walk into most fights, and still come out on top, or, at the very least, with your team intact and with the most gain. Playing against Ursa, on the other hand, requires a lot more effort. Honestly wish they would rework this hero a touch more to make him more interesting and require a bit more skill to play.

                  Captain Dawg

                    veno's gale doesn't go through bkb, only the passive and the ulti.


                      in old days you don't pick str carry hero because you can get "kited".
                      but we all know most people are dumb and no way can execute perfect kiting in the game, and when comps player picking that hero, and they lost their shit.


                        more than this “Guys, we need to do something about their Ursa, he’s farming” , i hear "Guys, ursa might be roshing " :P

                        Yedan Derryg

                          I am honestly pretty suprised to hear that MoM is done in pubs nowadays...
                          It was mostly done by pros to counter Enchantress even further as it gives attack speed and movespeed, therefore making attacking her and chasing her even easier... Also while yes you can evaporate her HP at almost any point in the game with just W, its still not enough as she is incredibly fast early and her passive slows you down so much.

                          Pfeiffer Dietrich

                            Is upcoming election is something else eh...

                            Sleight of My Fist In You...

                              is enrage dispellable with diff? i didnt know that


                                ^ Used to be.


                                  Ursa has been exactly the same stupid as ever, its just now that he is picked more often in pro games. Its more a shift in state of mind, not 'meta' or hero power.

                                  Yuri Briar

                                    Why is this arcticle seems like produced half ass? We need more detail thats why we choose dotabuff/blog. Come on now.


                                      Me - I think he's referring to every single one of your games being normal skill making your opinion mean nothing. Could be wrong tho


                                        This hero might need to be reworked a little bit,a slight nerf would be justified,since a retard can just go into a fight,right click the supports,and pop ult or bkb if he's going to get stunned,and he do there's his entire team backing him up,lol even PA requires more positioning,farming,etc skills than him




                                            чё пишут то ?

                                            This Dark Horse Challenger

                                              ursa's overpower is literally OP


                                                I only clicked on this article because of the name. =p

                                                And hi, I'm the worst Dota player in existence and only do well with Ursa versus easy bots. :/


                                                  "he can push quickly" no he cant. Actually he can barely push at all compared to actual pushers.
                                                  "In addition, you can now itemize in a more damage efficient way, as you can solely focus on increasing your agility, rather than your HP gain. " Are you retarded. Mask of madness, aghanims, blink, basher OR RARELY difusal, where u see agi items so much in 2k somewhere?


                                                    Strong bkb piercing slow; You forgot sd. Everyone has forgot sd.


                                                      "ME" i think it clearly says that ursa is not as much picked in lower than 2k bracket


                                                        @2DG MoM doesn't reduce damage taken to 50% from 80% fyi... it amplifies all damage taken after reductions.

                                                        So if you're taking 1000 damage -- 200 under ult -- it becomes 260 ; not 500.

                                                        You have no clue about what you're talking about. I dislike you elaborating shit & spreading ignorance while saying you disllike how he doesn't elaborate on MoM.

                                                        Hunter o Caçador

                                                          Never saw a ursa with a Mask of Madness, i always see vlads and build vlads



                                                            I think you should first look at things before you try to one up other commenters, as I tested ( that Ursa ultimate reduces QoP ultimate damage by 80% when normally activated but only by 50% when you have turned on MoM.


                                                              counter ursa is easy if u know how to play , u can counter every heros
                                                              what is unbalanced is alchemist with bonus gold taking bounty runes


                                                                Anyone who said ursa is an OP hero obviously hasn't played him enough. He gets kited so easily with just a force stuff and any disables make him literally useless in the early to mid game. Those who cry ursa is an OP hero, go play him more and you know how easy he gets kited. Kited=no damage=useless. FYI, I've played close to 700 ursa games.

                                                                Ad Hominem

                                                                  URSA FTW!


                                                                    No oracle in counter lol


                                                                      For the 2k games..i have no problem facing alchemist because it is full with noobs trying to follow meta build(rad+manta) without knowing that it is meant to replicate naga farming style..all they were doing is taking rune>farm rad>farm manta>farm BoT>running around map and only popping manta when pushing down tower...thus reducing full potential of this build

                                                                      In higher rank however, the bounty rune bonus can be a bit problem because they know what they were doing...and the only solution to this that i can think of by warding the enemy jungle and gank him because that is the most common place/ safest place gor him to farm after lvl 6

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                                                                          Ursa doesn't need to be nerfed. He's not op. they reworked his ult because he needed more. They gave him ags because he needed more. and he is still just a single target hero. If you complaining about ursa take it up with your supports or support better yourself.
                                                                          I think he's a much better hero to play now than he was, stands a better chance against other hard carries like troll, sven etc.


                                                                            Use slows to counter him, i'm an ursa picker

                                                                            Buffalo Soldier

                                                                              I don't care what RTZ is building, Mom on ursa is really bad: costs you mana (the real problem for ursa) and gives you useless attack speed since your gonna burst anyone down in 3 secs anyway. Vlad is definitely better: gives you enough mana regen and helps the whole team with armor, damage and lifesteal/regen.

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                                                                                im lose game while using MOM, better with VLAD. of course RTZ using MOM, see his support 1st.

                                                                                The Position 5 Player

                                                                                  The core concept of Ursa is broken.

                                                                                  Ursa is the result of atrocious design philosophy.


                                                                                    Ursa got nerfed in 6.87 😫

                                                                                    Ayush Vernakulum Muthu Panta

                                                                                      MoM is pretty viable on Ursa if you've got good defensive supports that also provide you with decent mana regeneration, because the main problem for Ursa is its abysmal mana pool and it being kited. The supports can help with the mana regeneration and MoM can help with increasing AS and MS if Overpower is in cooldown. And those who say Ursa is an OP hero, pretty much don't know the concept of kiting or shutting a hero down in the early game. I picked a solo offlane Weaver against an Ursa solo safelane, and I pretty much destroyed Ursa. There was also a jungling Lifestealer in the enemy team which also thrives in the early killing potential which was destroyed by me and a roaming teammate of mine. So it is pretty easy both to play as and against an Ursa, if you know its strength and weaknesses.

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