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          fir... oh crap :/


            I need option for minimap to disable possibility that clicking on minimap tells your hero to go there. I more then often missclick when running from enemy, and missclick on minimap gets me killed.....


              ^ haha that situation when playing radiant mid and quickly sweeping bottom left to run back, only to click on top right corner of the minimap and sending your hero to dire fountain -.-

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                I have tried the right-click force attack option and didn't really like it that much. I like A+Right-click ist nice.

                samogonka enjoyer

                  im not first (

                  Slava Ukraini

                    For everything else, there is Manta.

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                      nice article, sometimes even the easiest things are that easy to figure out :)


                        i still use some macros i made, like a key to select all other units attack at the mouse position and select hero after


                          a constracting conservation ? Fuk this and u all ,im old hon player.


                            Seems to me like you guys are also desperate for 8.67 for things to talk about

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                              ima dunky

                              (✿◠‿◠) Kazusa

                                Desperate measures


                                  So now you writing about config file. What next? dota logo image? cosmetic items? hero responses? My god, your blog posts become more and more awful every week.

                                  Party rus=mute

                                    For those who have the mini map right click problem: you can set a time in that any right click is disabled after entering the mini map with the cursor

                                    Church of Roxy Migurdia

                                      I wish there were a console command to add vertical markers to creep health bars. I keep fucking up the hp estimation when I nuke waves, causing me to sometimes miss a couple of last hits.

                                      sin blyadi

                                        Guyz, is there any way to make warcraft bindings?


                                          I cant believe nobody here has commented on the change to quickcast on items... It's horrible to not be able to customize to have quickcast on specific itemslots...I never used quickcast on tp because i couldn't double tap it, for tp home. Now I'm forced to if I want to use blink dagger efficiently. Suffice to say I've lost quite a lot of mmr since the last spring "clean". It's complete bullshit to not retain the quick cast option on specific item slot keys


                                            The quickcast for independent itemslots are still customizable, but I had the same problem, as it is almost hidden away now.


                                              dude no1 writes about it bec there is an option to do exactly that: u need to enable in advanced options the option on the bottom right "Enable Advanced Quickcast/Autocast Hotkeys".

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                                                Still need my autoexec to use space as a modifier key. Once they stick that in dotes I'm config-free I think!

                                                One eye man

                                                  Hello; any one can see my messages?


                                                    My range indicator graphic is messed up.
                                                    For some reason the solid outline won't show, and I only get the discoloration on the ground.
                                                    As this discoloration fades out towards the edge of the range, not having the outline makes the range indicator very hard to use.
                                                    Does anyone know how to fix this issue?


                                                      First!! First blood.. Noob end please guys


                                                        > How to adjust a microsecond delay to prevent minimap misclicks.

                                                        guys, whats this? effect and how? it piqued my curiousity



                                                          Lil Rae Kim™




                                                              Thunder Warrior

                                                                6.87 just came out you scrubs.


                                                                  Guys as of 6.87 templar now has less base attack range than a meele hero does. nice game volvo

                                                                  Keep Awake

                                                                    @Amoroto those are good blog post suggestions actually. The writing here isn't incredible, but it's fine and the topics are usually interesting


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