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    1st, 2ez4kelly
    edit: How come most of you guys dont comment on the forums?

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      "All roles in Dota are important, but later in the game it is the cores who bear the most responsibility, so if you are playing core—act like it and dress up for the occasion."
      Pls read u scrubs

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        2nd kappa

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          fck 4th


            damnit 5th


              6th kappa


                7th lol

                Nero Scarlet

                  what about Radiance?


                    "All roles in Dota are important,
                    supports manipulate the early stage
                    but later in the game it is the cores who bear the most responsibility, so if you are playing core—act like it and dress up for the occasion."

                    Dota 2 in summary. Read this pls, those <5k mmrs, lol

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                      Great Article overall. Just wanted to point out something.

                      "Now, the active component is certainly great. It is 2 seconds of almost unconditional disable—currently only Press The Attack Press The Attack and Aphotic Shield Aphotic Shield are capable of dispelling a stun."

                      If I am not wrong, Oracle's False Promise can dispell abyssal disable as well.


                        10th cyka blyat


                          There's also Dark Pact for those that can't properly time stuns against a Slark... :v


                            Just to point something out, Shivas was anything but "fully in the domain of intelligence core heroes". As a matter of fact Shivas has always been built by strength utility heroes, whose HP pool utilize the armor well.


                              Great,now i regret rushing abyssal blade on every core


                                Rushing abyssal is obviously bad, but think of it as a old abyssal-heart hybrid now that works well once you have your farming/damage items up. Now 5-slot AM's can forsake the Heart vs. BKB argument and go straight for Abyssal-BKB, for example.


                                  I almost felt orgasm yesterday when I killed Axe with Lotus orb active when playing Spiritbreaker. That poor bastard ulted me and my Spiritbreaker ulted Axe with his own Culling blade.


                                    ha lol lol

                                    Hate noobs

                                      I don't know why are permitted so many stupid comments like "1st, 2nd, 3rd.... etc,", just to fill space. Instead people could make constructive comments, share experiencies, advices, etc.

                                      I do appreciate all the articles on dotabuff log and I am keen to read them.

                                      So thank you skim, eggs and kawaiisocks.

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                                        dead inside

                                          what do you mean? -justin


                                            ^Pls don't let people post these


                                              No mention of how vlads provides BONUS DAMAGE, and you claim to understand how vlads is good late game?


                                              no handshake

                                                A bit disappointed you didn't cover the following items: Drums, Eul, Mek/Greaves, Pipe, Necronomicon, Rod of Atos.


                                                  @No Handshake - Think that'll be for Support Utility Items blog, this is for Core heros and some of the utility items they can bring to the team


                                                    What's name of this epic loading screen?

                                                    Old Raven

                                                      all those items are however build a mostly on cores. Drums for Invoker Bat OD, Euls for exort Invoker, Lina and Puck, GGs on Dark seer and Tide, Pipe on Tide, Axe, DS and Bristle, Necro on Beastmaster.
                                                      RoA mostly on OD, although a lot on SWM and Silencer, so that's the one item which sups are buying on occasion, along with Euls maybe.
                                                      Most of these items are just too expensive for sups or lack the immediate punch of Glimmer cape and Forcestaff.

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                                                        right maybe this could help thanks


                                                          Change Abyssal back!


                                                            abyssal cost is TOO high for the utily, unless ur playing antimage, in my 3k games id lose matches only cuz an idiot built that item at first.. 6400 gold can do miracles....

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