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    1st comment LOL


      2nd lol


        3rd rofl

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          oh god im too late
          but still 4 th <3

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            I just played support Chaos Knight and won. Remember what n0tail said: "Anything can work". Of course, some will work better than others (aka "the meta heroes"). link to my retardation game:
            It seems as if these 4 position cores are becoming more and more common though. Soon, we'll be LoL, only one support. haha


              avatar the master of 5th element
     six x_x

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                7th lol gg ez shrekt


                  im 8th :(

                  CAN I HAVE NORMAL GAME PLS

                    @ETdAWESOME i've found that roaming supp is the best role to improve MMR in normal skill from seeing my games since no one buys wards and normal skill players always play supposedly farming carries too aggressive and roaming supp easily just punishes that

                    M U R D E R

                      In lower lvl pubs 4 weaver probably can easily transition due to the snowball.

                      very good csgo player

                        @TheMisterEpic Shrekt, just like your winrate #40% winrate shouldn't comment


                          in reality however you pick weaver, type "support" in your average 4k ranked and lose team morale immediately


                            I played support Weaver on my last match but I didn't buy Diffusal Blade because there wasn't an Omniknight in the enemy team xd


                              Morphling Support

                              Tanky, Lots of Escapes, 4.25 second stun (0.75 sec less than a max arrow from Marana) with low cooldown and reliable. Split pushing with replicant. Doesn't need a lot of items to be useful.


                                I have played support weaver a number of times with a very similar build to that, so I am glad to see a pro do it, it is super fun to play a non core roaming ganking and harassing weaver, heck when I play core weaver I gank a lot and roam a lot starting after the 15 minute mark, just because I feel like an active space creation weaver is the most fun way to play him.


                                  1st hahahaahaha FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!


                                    God damn internet explorer


                                      I have been playing support weaver for a while already, but I only see it working as a pos 4 support, because you still need some kind of farm

                                      Nervous Bakedown

                                        I find it interesting that ti 5 tends to be more referenced than ti 6. I guess thats because the winners were more defined back then and less diverse?


                                          support pa to support weaver. simply vp things


                                            support void coming boys

                                            Espresso yoself.

                                              Love the "I played a weaver support" , click the wards bought or couier all game....all core items bought..


                                                thx for shit supports coming


                                                  In next issue, support Spectre?

                                                  God of Ducks

                                                    Next issue arc support pls. He is so good as a lane support even with just a mango and healing salve for the carry.


                                                      Is it April already? Damn

                                                      Lolli POP

                                                        srly??? noooo//

                                                        brendlol, my anaconda don't

                                                          My exact thoughts Espresso. 1 ward bought and is somehow a support?

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                                                            likely they are lower skill games where support means your not taking farm during the laning stage and you might be roaming around to try and get kills. Yeah after 15 minutes their no longer really playing a support but half the times in those kinds of games even the actual supports dont buy wards. Basically they play it like a pub game riki.


                                                              People commenting support spectre dont know how strong a support spectre really is, you max q and desolate with 1 point in dispersion, go mana boots>wand>mek/vlads>pipe/assault/crimson>diff/linken/manta and then convert to a badass core around the 40min mark if you still haven't won the game, imo quite solid if you team is in your dreams potatoes die forever 5man carrying

                                                              go tell reddit

                                                                I did this before with my friends, but I went urn aghs blink I think. Pretty fun.

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