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    "The in 6.86 introduced Savage Roar does help him avoid ganks, but it isn’t a perfect solution."




        third mofos


          Fourth people


            just another glass canon

            Is It Secret?

              alfredo will always be king



                peaceminusone ;)

                  NERF PLS THANKS


                    Just no, pick sniper if you want long distance heroes. Play LD like it's meant to be played.


                      This meta prove dota player dun have any inovation and prefer to make this shits


                        Not LD fans here


                          So it's a right clicking ranged Lone Druid with a bear that's just there because it tanks for you and might bind your target. This reminds me so much of my WC3 Dota days.


                            fools cant shutup about ember spirit

                            Slark Suρρort

                              "His bear is dead weight in the midgame that feeds away 300 gold, and while his damage output may be significant, he also doesn’t offer any other utility, aside from Savage Roar, which is both situational and risky."
                              Next blog must give some solutions to this...and also about His bear not able to fully utilize some important items eg. +10 Strength from Abyssal Blade.

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                                I recently played against such LD he had very good ms and owned us mid game sort of but late game he dint scale well since he was farmed but not the bear..
                                His build also gave us easy snips on his bear for 300 gold so i dont think its a good option unless u get back to old meta thats getting bear farmed and then build items for u.

                                Uuun TAnkA

                                  @MCT I know right, pick silence... Ember is fucked

                                  Dota not fun

                                    Yeap the bear feeds later
                                    But the druid's damage is much scarier than sniper
                                    Mid-late game hero
                                    All these meta heroes but I've never learnt them


                                      How I hate Dotabuff revealing all our babies, so we have to make new meme builds FeelsBadMan Well... Veil of Discord Gyro is next on the list Kappa.


                                        Tried this before and it was so fun rather than LD jungle for the radiance.

                                        Touched with the 'Tism

                                          why isn't nobody talking about putting echo saber on his bear. That shit is straight retiredly good.


                                            Заипатая Мета говор вам от Russian Comunity


                                              what a nice meata

                                              Ted Dee

                                                @venlafaxine thanks for that idea mate

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                                                Erase Humanity

                                                  With this build LD has zero scalling, which is very bad for a carry. Both Sniper and Lycan have a better scalling.


                                                    Anyone that has played enough Lone Druid knows he has one of the most complex power peaks of any hero. The new option of a ranged Lone Druid has made his power peaks even more complex and has inarguably made his late game much stronger.

                                                    Since this is dotabuff after all, perhaps the most important stat to consider is that Sniper averages the longest match duration of any hero short of only Tinker and Techies. Sniper has always been the comeback king. That's obviously because of his amazing high ground defense thanks to his extremely long range. In contrast, Lone Druid has historically always had one of the lowest average match durations. There's two reason for that. The obvious reason is because Lone Druid pushes well and ends early. The second less obvious reason is because Lone Druid in melee form has terrible high ground defense. Lone Druid has always been able to turn an early advantage into a win but could seldom defend long enough to turn around an early disadvantage.

                                                    That has changed. In ranged form Lone Druid now has the longest attack range short of only Sniper. Combined with his +65 damage talent and Lone Druid has gone from one of the WEAKEST to one of the STRONGEST high ground defense heroes in dota. Thats a HUGE change to the dynamic of the hero. You are now looking at a new hero that can win both fast and slow dota.

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                                                      Truth be told - this was the old style of playing LD back in Dota 1. We used to pick up phase with Maelstrom, not take bear and max his empower... could chase and kill anyone.
                                                      Keen to try this once again.


                                                        I think you forgot to mention the most retireded part of this build. The -50 sec respawn time is insane, in conjunction with what austin said, he can defend for days.

                                                        I think its because a lot of the stats of echo sabre are wasted on the bear (str&int)

                                                        saido chesto

                                                          LD is much stronger with classic radiance build


                                                            the weakness of the build is focusing to much on hero, as before was focusing to much on the bear.. u can still farm lance and deso for hero, then some item for bear, then back to the hero IMO... if bear is squisky, build vanguard + solar crest.. low gold = high survavility
                                                            bear boots 400 gold
                                                            hero boots 400 gold min 3
                                                            hero lance 1900 gold min 7
                                                            hero deso 3500 gold min 15
                                                            bear solar crest 2700 gold min 20
                                                            hero mjornir 5700 gold min 30
                                                            hero skadi/ bkb 5700 gold min 35
                                                            bear abysall 6400 gold min 45
                                                            = 26700 gold in 35 min which is equal to 593 gpm.. natural amount for a good LD player..

                                                            Чахоточная мышь

                                                              Why not just pick sn00paDooPa then?


                                                                i tried giving the bear an echo sabre. it was ayt.


                                                                  Professional play is obviously a whole different beast, but this build is completely viable for pub and ranked play.

                                                                  One aspect that hasn't been talked about is the bounty runes. Both the bear and Druid can grab runes so with some luck you can potentilly deny an enemy bounty rune and grab your own every couple minutes.

                                                                  The new patch and talent trees didn't make LD a pub stomper by any means, but it increased his flexibility by giving you another option. Classic bear build, Druid ranged build, or a hybrid between the 2.

                                                                  And in an ultra late game, like Austin mentioned, Druid becomes much stronger than he used to. With a potential of being 12 slotted between Druid and the Bear. High ground defense, solo kill potential, late game, and flexibility have all been improved since 7.00 release.


                                                                    Valve, implement saddle for lone druid to ride his bear around and give him starting movement speed of quadrupedal hero like luna please. Also, give him steak on a stick to bait bear. Also, give him cowboy hat and spurs.

                                                                    Shhe"]["  长 么

                                                                      The best hero ever ..
                                                                      only scepter the item of owner the the rest is the bear then the owner will just stand on base ..
                                                                      The tricks is Push then blink , travel good for rat
                                                                      Just like Tinker

                                                                      Shhe"]["  长 么

                                                                        Look at my RECENT All bear All Win out of 100% win rate i can guarante to win 80%
                                                                        Try me add and party

                                                                        furry stalin

                                                                          But your win rate with LD is only 70% :D


                                                                            Still doing radiance and people have no idea how much power peak lone druid is at level 5 and when he has 19-23 min radiance... Insta deathball

                                                                            Skimble Cho


                                                                              jokes on you, im already playing veil gyrocopter

                                                                              Mike man

                                                                                @Jazakuuul That's why good ember spirit players will buy manta/bkb/linkens depending on the type of silence

                                                                                honesto não troca

                                                                                  seu creysson MITO


                                                                                    to me for this current meta are still under progressive and yet we had never seen pubs playing this shit crazily like the others does.
                                                                                    This meta were straight on to the stats build which seems not applicable on LD consider the bear and LD need to have items in order for pubs games.But trust me :, DL , Hex , solar crest and abbysal blade for LD . And for the bear , u can buff it with any item tht contribute damage and high nukes. come on guys , 12 active slots and 6 backpacks still pretty good in late game. even from 6.86 and before.
                                                                                    From Azusa with love~


                                                                                      70% is insane winrate bro


                                                                                        please that Ld meta is famous at version 5 of dota 2 where ld uses DPS items than rad on bear, and also that ember spell cast meta is used in dota 1 too except only we use arcane boots


                                                                                          Hmm, what about a level 25 talent which allows the Spirit Bear to either gain stats in itself and make use of stat items or gain a talent that would make him benefit half of LD's stats? Too op?

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