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    ✪ H o p e - ! !  ✪

      Second! T_T




          я тип второй но я крутой :)


            я типо пятый но я пиздатый :)

            Weeb Nyx

              6th place

              Tony Ferguson

                lmao im 7th


                  lmaoooo ayyyy


                    eggs and bacon

                    John F. Kurniadi

                      Maybe we need more sentry and dust


                        rip sub 2k mmr looks like im gonna have to tell more peruvians about dust and sentries

                        Noodle ヌードル

                          I already got some winstreak by just spamming clinkz without no reason except his new taunt, so yea he's ready.

                          я под пиво))

                            sub 2ch kappa mrmrmrmr

                            Erase Humanity

                              By looking at the current meta, I think he is a niche pick at best. His laning is somewhat weak(weak stats besides range) and he lacks AOE.


                                Is it just me or is helm really underrated on him. Especially with the change to death pact, having that creep (1500 hp) following you until it comes off CD is pretty useful. You just eat the creep right before a fight, or a push then you are good until Helm comes off cd then you grab another creep , rinse and repeat


                                  I dont think its worth the cost when you can save for a deso and start killing and pushing


                                    The numbers regarding the Death Pact change are way wrong. Should be +11/+110, not 26/260. The author read the HP value for the entire troll camp (which is 2600), but the Dark Troll Summoner is only 1100. Also uses the wrong name for the creep.


                                      He works really well if he has an orch ,when ur using clinkz you either have to choses. Get so many kills and help your team out or option number two go for towers instead. With Clinkz having a desolator and dragonlance he beast agansit towers.

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                                          Do I believe he deserves to be the meta, no. Not great during early game unless you're good enough with last hitting. His base damage is low ,so good luck because his attack animation is so slow!


                                            D0ubL3, he make a lot of gold by killing, and using Searing Arrows you may last hitting creeps easily


                                              clinkz has 70 dmg from the start + he is a high range hero. he has a skeleton walk wich gives him the ability to simply run away from ganks. HOW is he not a good laner? he is picked alot of times simply cuz he can sustain alone on lane and even dominate.
                                              skywrath also has low stats but hes actually picked to harrass enemys out of the lane.
                                              U MAKE 0 SENSE!

                                              Thunder Warrior

                                                All I wanted was a reduction in his BAT ._.


                                                  in the pub scene clinkz probably as cancerous as riki if your team don't want to spare their gold for support items
                                                  however in the pro scene clinkz seems yet to be ready to be the most pick/ban material, because he'll mostly become prioritized target at teamfights, squishy and prone to counter vision and silence, and the opposing team will always have coordination in order to take him down. but he's a good offlane and roamer imo

                                                  but of course : buy sentries and dust will ya, and also counterpick enemy hero at penalty time SeemsGood


                                                    i play clinkz since ever and he is one of the best pushers gankers initiators if u knw how to play the hero. i see random builds everywhere and wrong items on him. get your searing arrows up and max the strafe later, pick up a deso and 2 moon shards!! a pudge with 4k hp last 4s against clinkz arrows when ganked


                                                      Pact CD/Duration is heavily nerfed

                                                      Clinkz can heal his own hp with low cd pact

                                                      I stand alone

                                                        @NaSGul ^^ true pubs master


                                                          clinkz isnt a teamfight hero. hes a pusher laner and ganker.
                                                          ok he isnt anti mage who can just blink away but saying hes squishy is... at lvl 10 he has 470 ms or something and about 2000 health with his ult.
                                                          he is not sqishy god damn.
                                                          also his early to mid game is really strong, wich means the team wont have a big problem with vision, since they might have more space then the enemys.

                                                          also murder the guy that said hes a good initiator, please.

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                                                            when i'm using Clinkz, i'm not a pusher neither become a hitter at teamfight (i'm a noob) feel so bad about it


                                                              He's an amazing pusher with deso. Just played a match with him after seeing this post. My team took a fight and lost but while the opposing team was distracted I took two sets of rax.


                                                                Just maybe more base damage and that's it.


                                                                  why you get searing arrows level one and that more than makes up for having bad damage.


                                                                    Plse can anyone tell me how do I get high skill or very high skill on dotabuff in my match??
                                                                    Sometimes when I played my best in the match it shows normal skill and sometimes unexpectedly it shows high skill when I didn't expect


                                                                      Clinkz, the Bone Fletcher is a ranged agility carry specializing in ambushing lone Heroes with high physical damage and incredible speed. Though frail and easy to kill, Skeleton Walk grants Clinkz stealth and haste to escape and re-position himself. This skill is also what makes Clinkz such an incredible ganker. This hero is also equipped with Strafe boosting his attack speed to insane levels for a short time. Searing Arrows provide huge bonus damage, greatly injuring enemies in conjunction with Strafe. To aid his assault, Clinkz can form a Death Pact and absorb a creature's life for greater damage and health, making him not only able to take more hits, but hit harder as well. Therefore, Clinkz is ready.


                                                                        TA is better option usually

                                                                        The Ancient One

                                                                          Can you make a post about "The Summit 7 Meta Heroes" please? :3

                                                                          乇乂ㄒ尺卂  ㄒ卄丨匚匚

                                                                            I actually hate playing vs him so much as I am support picker :/


                                                                              Clinkz in my opinion is worse than ever because his strength has always been getting solo pickoffs. He sucks at teamfighting, and he falls off super hard. The new items are also really bad for him, especially the reworked Heavens Halberd and Solar Crest are real bad for him.

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                                                                                With the recent buff to his ult which gives him ample time to fight with the buff and push after the fight, I believe Clinkz will play a strong hand in this upcoming international.


                                                                                  Ever since the nerf to deathpact the hero is now officially garbage .. when i say garbage i mean actually worse than trash ... Garbage would actually be quite an upgrade for him at the moment... I love clinkz it was one of my top most played heroes , and favorite hero of all time at a point .. recently played 2 games in like a 3k bracket and lost both when my solo mmr is 5k+

                                                                                  убийца 5к шакалов (6YJIKA)

                                                                                    WTF are u speaking guys, even Visage can kill him in Clinkz's favorite mid game.


                                                                                      so clinkz can ULT a troll WARLORD? nice.