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    Berry Nice


      >sidegunner is viable
      >serious post

      pick one


        this post claims that gyro hasn't been in the meta since 6.78, but the hero was literally the top 5 most contested hero at TI5 with patch 6.84, and didnt really become unmeta until the stack changes in 6.85 and .86. Half the time i feel as though the person that writes these blog post hasn't played dota.

        pos 2 or 4 please!

          I think the sidegunner would be great if his attackspeed would be the same as the heros. Or if he would get Flak cannon too.


            But you gotta banned lycan first.. them sidegunner is like build in blade mail against summons that it practically gyro will kill himself... Unlike medu,which she can proc or can't proc by just turning away or hold from attacking the creeps.. sidegunner should become sort of medu unlike some Ring shit

            MM.Ugh Brock Hall

              I won't be the one to tear the author a new one regarding aghs, but I will say that the stats an aghs gives are often forgotten and honestly quite nice for providing extra survivability and damage for Gyro. Still, that 4k gold would more often than not be better spent on more damage items to stay ahead. Few heroes are better carriers of a Rapier, for example.

              MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                The 1.1 sec attack as it stands is really bad. Have it attack when Gyro attacks, but only 50% dmg. Can proc modifiers.


                  Imo in pubs it's better to go HotD in place of DoE. You don't need to rely on supports to stack ancients/hard camps, nice hp regen, offers a better way to push tier 1 and 2 towers, and with some luck you can get a creep to gank enemy cores.

                  pos 2 or 4 please!

                    @Brock Hall
                    I think it would be nice, if the sidegunner wouldn't give that much damage, and rather something like a ministun, slow or a knockback on
                    the target.


                      Just tried that hero yesterday for the first time - damn it's crazy. Who thought of the idea to give a strong ranged mid-lategame carry the nuking potential of Lina or some shit?

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                        ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

                          The side gunner problem isn't the damage output or slow etc, it's the unreliablity of it it's only good as long as there's only one target but as soon as there is more it's pretty useless it doesn't even priorities heroes make it have a lock on and it's sth.


                            >that moment when dotabuff posts about a hero and now you see gyro in everygame


                              Garbage unit. Ban him against my own team.
                              This hero struggles to get online without a ton of help from supports and then his window of power is very short.
                              ~47% winrate.

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                                  That’s the impression you get from bad players. The hero comes online fast even from a lost lane with little help - insane magic damage output early game plus the ability to flashfarm stacks or lanes is pretty much the definition of “coming online”

                                  For example you having a 33% percent winrate on Windranger or me having a 20% winrate on Dazzle is not the product of the hero being bad, but the players execution

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                                    Только что вышел патч, где его порезали НЕ ЗРЯ СТАТЬЮ ПИСАЛИ))0))))))

                                    MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                      @Mr. Poopybutthole

                                      I was ready to refute that with evidence, but after doing some tests in the hero demo, Gyro, equipped with maelstrom, butterfly, dragon lance, and aquila, will put out around an extra 100 dmg on average over both mkb and satanic to a dummy target. This means the attack speed won't make up for the extra attack every 1.1 secs, which by the way is better than echo sabre. Considering side gunner can proc modifiers, the opportunity to throw out more lightning and recoup more hp means in general Gyro is putting out far more damage across the battlefield on average. It's still very situational, and a crit stick beats it by around 90 damage, but the likelihood of creeps being cleared out with flak at the beginning of the fight means there is a much stronger case for the sustained damage output of the item.

                                      I'm skeptical still, but I'm pleasantly surprised and intrigued.


                                        @The Ops , I just played a match where a Gyro was on the other team.


                                          Im not surprised that nobody mentioned mid 1 vs 1 as people generally cant think deeply. Gyros aatack animation is the best as snipers is. Watch how noone demolished ori in katowice finals despite the fact that dp has far morr base dmg. But as i said i dont think people realize that deeply

                                          MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                            Yeah but DP has the attack animation of a sloth. Gyro and Sniper can win a mid matchup when they can deny the crap out of the lane but there are a lot of traditional midlaners that will beat Gyro easily

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                                              я всегда любил гиро
                                              на нём с хорошим сапортом гнобили лайн и делали много стаком
                                              и гиро по кд 2ого бегал фармил 2 застаканых кемпа

                                              Patrick Swayze's Ghost

                                                I stopped reading after "ubiquitous" was misused followed by a misuse of "the latter" just a few sentences later. Learn the basics before you try to sound smart. Also, you suggest gyro hasn't been in the meta since before 678 which is blatantly untrue