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      limmp touch refresh pls

      The Future Looked Bright

        I'm really hoping to see Storm Spirit back. He's on the cusp of viability but his early game still feels so volatile. He's a difficult one to balance though, so I appreciate it may take some time to help him find his way back into the meta without being too dominant.


          Is it possible to track if a player is or isn't using dota plus? If yes can dotabuff compare statistics of those with and without it. It would be intresting to see how much of an impact it makes.

          ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

            bucharest major wasn't really good especially with the Swiss system tournament


              I think they should use buffs to the ignored heroes not heavily nerf the top heroes. A suggestion for Alchemist (since they are already pushing the Alch support thing) would be give him a talent at level 10-15 that makes acid spray increase the armor (and maybe heal) allies standing within the AOE. If they want to make Alch a support he needs something more utility than just a stun.


                Some of the heroes though like Sniper and Pudge they really can’t buff though. I mean pubs already have at least one or both of them in every game. Any buff to either of them makes pubs even more ridiculous.


                  I want to see Visage buffed! 2nd pickrate from the end


                    Luna is truly threatening only with Eclipse available


                      We're back to TI5, when Gyro ran all over the place. Lol


                        Что не так с Гиро? Резать потомучто пикают часто? он не самый сильный Герой (сильные герои в бане)

                        SCUBI DU PAPA

                          No dota plus article?? Dotabuff is on suicide watch

                          Sleight of My Fist In You...

                            where the fk is tinker??

                            Supp0rt NoSalt

                     front page tomorrow:



                                since Razor doesn’t technically even have any hard counters.

                                Gyrocopter is very flexible, strong in lane and scales decently, but he is not a hard carry and is not conventionally overpowered.

                                Luna is truly threatening only with Eclipse available


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                                  We need pay to win article lel

                                  Cute Anime Girl~★

                                    I totally would love to see some under picked heroes buffed


                                      Make Morphling Great Again


                                        2days already since dota become p2win and no news here,gg Kawaisucks

                                        sourdough jam

                                          is it not imminent that p2w article is necessary? i hope someone is working

                                          No Handshake

                                            I am very suspicious of the developers' ability to make the game as enjoyable -- as far as variety and balance are concerned -- as it was during the 6.88 era. The pace of one patch every 2 weeks sounds like an intent to correct trends, but how can you tell within such short a span if a slight change is part of a trend, and how can you recognize that the trend is going to be more harmful than fruitful?


                                              gyro blyat, please nerf rhis hero and buff our traditional carry --> drow, am , pa


                                                @No Handshake - I'm kind of in the same boat. The longer patch cycles had its own issues, but the game is so damn complex it was cool that a single large patch would see new metas emerging almost throughout its entire lifetime, without any major adjustments. Sometimes I feel like these patches make relatively large pacing and strategic changes before anyone can really get a feel for them. How ironic it would be if the inconsistency of the game on a short timeline made it frustrating to try to "keep up" and ended up killing the game.

                                                I fucking love this game though, but I can very much see the larger masses feeling a little fatigued at an ever-changing strategic landscape when they just want to play the game and buy some sets here and there. Additionally, without seasonal battlepasses and moving to plus, those investment spikes from less invested users will likely fade out.

                                                It will be interesting to see where the game is headed in the next several months.


                                                  I'm not here to shill other games, but you know there's another huge MOBA, which works at a 2-weeks-patch schedule since forever, not to mention they almost always make HUGE differences unlike DotA (complete rebalances, item changes and new items, hero reworks, new heroes), and that game is ridiculously popular?
                                                  And these mini patches? Basically nothing. Just look at 7.11, I had to laugh.

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                                                    The problem with that other game is that it has a very limited design space, since all of its "somethings" are paid for and not everything is available as in Dota. Theoretically that forces every "something" to be able to stand its ground against other "somethings" and that's just bad design. Look up the said game's last poor equivalent of The International and you will see that out of a pool of ~150 "somethings" less than 50% actually see competitive scene. Dota at its worst is still and has always been more diverse and intricate.

                                                    And 7.11, honestly, changes a lot of things. Without touching the hero balance it makes the game very, very different)

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                                                      What you're saying is true, but it doesn't change how players feel with updates. This trend will not do us good if it keeps up.
                                                      "and in both tournaments he won close to 60% of the games he was played in"
                                                      Gyro had a 46% winrate in Bucharest major.

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