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Yorak Hunt

    The International compendium will still be released?

    I wonder if Dota Plus will have any effect on sales/prize money, or if Dota Plus revenue is going to be pooled into it also?


      punks= satisfied


        When will be released The International BP?


          Still no article by Dotabuff about Dota Plus. On a scale of 1 to 10, how salty do you think they are now that their DB Plus is redundant?

          I wonder if Dota Plus will have any effect on sales/prize money, or if Dota Plus revenue is going to be pooled into it also?

          Dota Plus is only meant to replace the Majors battle passes, there is still going to be a TI battle pass + compendium.

          Zero The Cat

            I hope the International compendium will still be released. I will never ever buy Dota Plus.

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            ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

              When will be released The International BP?

              usually may late april could also be possible

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                MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                  So it took a little longer than I thought it would, but we are now seeing what I expected to happen a while ago: teams are giving up. Having the top spot is unimportant in the grand scheme of TI, so teams like Liquid, Secret, and VP are beginning to ignore minors. Not such a bad thing I guess, but the fight for top 8 is already extremely tight.

                  Valve has said in the past that top 8 get automatic invites, while invitations to qualifiers will be based on their own judgments. Yes, they said the points will be factored into their decision, but the mere fact that it isn't exclusively based on the points leaves them open to major criticism when a team with no points gets in ahead of a team with points.

                  Teams are also very aware of the situation: if currently a team isn't in top 8, and there are more than one of the top 5 teams participating in a tournament, it's wasted time points-wise. Sure, there's practice and money, but there is the looming sense of purposelessness sitting on their backs.

                  OG just dropped out of the race with 630 points, 60 pts under Mineski, and were sitting 10th at the time. Navi had 1200 points. Even though teams could get invited to qualifiers, they are opting to go through the open qualifiers. There are 10 spots up for qualifier grabs, and teams are still opting for the riskier path because the lions share of spots come from qualifiers.

                  The point I'm making here is that it's so hard to get points that teams have given up on trying to get into top 8. Navi is the only one even remotely in danger of losing their spot, and they have roughly double the points of the next team. In the best situation, the race for top 8 would get more and more exciting right up to TI, as the teams on the cusp of qualifying fight tooth and nail for those precious few points necessary. Instead, fate has already been determined in spirit, if not quite yet mathematically.

                  I harp on this a lot, but until it gets traction I'm not going to stop. Here are two great ways to fix this problem:

                  1. Top 2 spots get a bye to playoffs, no groupstage.

                  2. Points are spread out further down the placements, possibly to 6-8th, to guarantee more teams get points.

                  OOH BONUS 3RD: earning closed qualifier spots is solely based on points, and limit the open qualifier slots to 2 per region.

                  The goal is to never make a game feel like it was wasted energy, and there is always a reason to fight for the spot you have or the spot you want. It would be far better than what we are now seeing, where the top slots are quitting tournaments, and teams in 12th position are giving up.