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Firefly Fun House

    Numero uno! hmm I always thot es was a mainstay...

    really was a little girl~

      numero duo


        numero trio! Thirst!

        Provo - Madness Returns

          the new 2-0-1-0 build on jakiro? NEW? that sb is so old tho


            doom better picked when grimstroke in the team, that double doom soulbind is a nightmare in teamfight


              Tldr is too short


                "Doom is one of the heroes who received numerous nerfs in 7.21. His Strength growth was decreased"

                Fake news. His strength gain went up in 7.21 from 3.5 to 4.0. Can't take an article seriously if someone doesn't fact check.


                  Does anyone find it weird that valve has removed io from captain's mode for a very long time and does not seem to be intending to add it back any time soon?


                    Learned that EE is a trash human being

                    MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                      You must be new to the pro scene somehow.

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                        Is there any way to close these video ads? Ever since Dotabuff added the videos ads, it makes me want to come here so much less now :(

                        new patch new me

                          i learned to never trust EE

                          stupid fat gay retard

                            For what it's worth, 2-0-1 is what any Jakiro worth their salt has been going for a long time. Otherwise pretty good sumup of the most busted heroes


                              good article