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[CtA] S.T.A.L.K.E.R


    Beast of no Nation

      Well done! I think this is a good summary of high ground advantage. I for myself think the triangle and Jungle highgrounds are easy to get a Feeling for. The Base highground is way more difficult because you have the T3 and t4 Towers and i think especially the t4 Towers should be mentioned more here.
      In my divine Games I still have a Lot of situations where people gain too much confidence once we dominated the highground around the T3 Tower and they Run into t4s to get Kills to secure a thrown or megas Push and die then.
      Also I think some Guide about "chipping down Towers" would be very interesting.


        Almost never won against high ground sniper!

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            Most of the throws happen at high ground


              Your TI9 predict sucks

              Gorrum Skullsplitter

                This kawaiisocks guys is always doing these articles

                On a win streak (lose)

                  Great article


                    Great post man, this is quality content

                    Brad Bowyer

                      Still waiting for your post on 7.27!

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                        It’s over Anakin!


                          POS 3 ET is where HG shines

                          aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                            dayum hardcore ET player


                              High ground and techies is a game-changer for the defending team you can force the enemy to blow their bkbs to avoid the bombs and give them 9 seconds to push before the mines are blown up and they all die.


                                тут только пиндосы в чатике?

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                                Господин Талант

                                  ага. сам худею. вроде же много русских пользуються дотабафом.