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Jenova Witness



      First :D


        Great article about the starting draft!


          why is Huskar on the cover ? He is dogshit now and shouldnt be picked even as last pick.

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            Insert joke about my team never doing this here.

            dragoljub iz despotovca

              why the hell is wraith band better than bracer- even on strength hero - can you pls tell us exactly how much of a difference in DPS does wraith band or null talisman gives you on a typical level 5 strength hero? how can you write such non-sense? reply pls. fucking wraith band gives +6AS besides +all stats. THAT'S FUCKING LAUGHABLE. 6 attack speed doesn't do fucking anything, it's literally most stupid item in the fucking game at the moment.

              P.S. i just realized it+s +5AS and +1.5 armor. even worse. that 1.5 armor gives u maybe extra 25 hp on 1000 hp, which is fucking laughable again, and it makes no difference if u wasted your money on wraith band or bracer. not that it matters anyway, null/wraith/bracer became such fucking meme items, getting changed in every fucking patch by 0.0001 stats.

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                Wraith bands are cost-effective small items, which enhance trading. They are no memes, otherwise pros wouldn't still buy them.


                  That might have been an exaggeration, but Wraith Band is a better jungle/lane sustain item in many cases. The difference in DPS usually favors Wraith Band, since +5 AS is not laughable when you hit on attack cooldown, e.g. hitting creeps in the jungle. Same reasoning most pros go for Gloves of Haste early on: the attack speed should not be underestimated when it comes to farming efficiency.

                  Armor-wise, you probably really underestimate its effectiveness. Early points in armor are very, very, very important for sustain:


                  Doesn't make much of a difference in the jungle, unless you have self-sustain to make use of extra armor, but can be very crucial in fights. Especially on heroes with low base armor/low agi growth. There is a reason most pro players almost always go 2xWraith Band on Agi cores, but rarely go for Bracers on Str cores. One of the reasons is that the item doesn't really do much right now.

                  Null Talisman is actually very good, by the way: the extra mana regen and stats are pretty awesome in the later laning stage, while spell amp, while it might not look like a lot on paper, does make a bit of a difference.

                  Edit: tested in demo. Sven Lvl 5 with 2xWraith Band + Boots has roughly 62 DPS, while Sven with 2xBracer has 60 DPS. Honestly, the difference is trivial, so get what suits you better.


                    ^^ why are you justifying yourself to an archon noobshit . Let him think he knows better than the pros.


                      If you're going to jungle on this patch though, you're (if not automatically losing) completely forfeiting half the map to your enemy so call me a shitter but doing anything but core items currently just falls into delaying core items to activate as SOON as you can with your pick. Wraith bands or Null Talisman honestly seem like a waste of an item unless you're playing a strong pos 4 or 5. Tempo control heroes that burst you out are in meta, Doom, Clockwerk, Void Spirit, Rubick, Batrider. All picks that activate fairly fast on the game and prowl on any pick that doesn't has magic resistance or hp.

                      Sven with 2x Bracer probably performs better the moment he pops his ult nonetheless, and receives less damage from burst heros. If you're going bracers or Wraith bands on him though, you're probably gonna lose that lane (though the whole sven gimmick currently seems to be stacking move speed and status resistance and just tanking shit up)

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                        Это работает от 6к и то не всегда. Что же говорить про пабы лоу ммр, где в каждой игре сапорт - это пудж консплеющий деревья до 20 минуты, потому что у него жетоны кончились. А керри собирается по гайду, игнорируя бкб. Напишите, пожалуйста статью о целях разных позициях и оных достижения их. Будет актуально всегда. Спасибо.