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    Let's get it

    Acid Snow

      I'm looking forward to a medium sized patch, I don't like the huge ones that drop 99 hero changes and 20 item adjustments; it's just a bit too much at one time. I prefer to read the patch notes once, not three times.


        lets goo gigantic patchh! can't wait!


          I mean i'm just playing this game to pick LS... but the changes on 7.23 made him a dead hero, he seriously needs his old feast back... he needs buff!!


            I hate it when they do the hero and item and general changes separately. Back to the older style of patches when we had 3 big patches a year with all the significant changes in them at once, please.


              Yes give my ls back pls. Good strength per lv gain, old feast !!


                Couldn't agree more) Lifestealer lost a lot of flavor and his niche. He might have gotten more versatile and flexible, but the changes also made him rather generic, which doesn't suit Dota at all. He is more of a Lifegainer now -_-


                  Started playing again after 8 months break of DotA. Players are still toxic XD


                    I live by the patch notes. It tells me both who not to play and who to exorcise people with.


                      Уютненькая статейка :)

                      Бармалей дай блэкхол

                        Ищу девочку любой позиции, рейтинг до 2к писать сюда)


                          Со всем согласен! После каждого патча игра будто бы новая. Приходится осваивать и "прочувствовать" героем, их анимации, характеристики. Сложнее всего это делать во время проходящих турниров. Сегодня матч, а перед ним бах.. и новый патч. Как то на турнире по Дота 2 на такая лажа произошла, что по итогу вышел лишь на 3 место