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    Hmm :/


      I think CK is pretty strong right now as well, particularly in the offlane. His kit allows him to either sustain in trade wars, or be a potent nuker to wreck the enemy safelane or at the very least cause supports to rotate to the lane. Not to mention his Aghs is still global which provides his team with a basic dispel and what is essentially a DD rune illusion for your carry.

      But then again, heroes like Sven are still a threat so maybe I have just had some luck with the games in my bracket.

      Also if Icefrog makes the cooldown of Vaccum 60.000/50.000/40.000/30.000, then the heroes becomes broken.


        The matchup between CK and Sven is not that bad. In the early game, you won't really be affected by the Cleave since you have the crit to sustain yourself. In the late game, you can use your ultimate to dodge the stun that Sven has (with or without as), doing so will allow you to stun him and will typically result in a kill.

        CK however has one main issue which is if you do not win the early game then you're not that strong unless you manage to have a comeback or your team helps you out.


          Bounty hunter is a good hero but some lanes you can't do anything beside throwing shurikans
          And in the mid game he is either walking around getting gold with his ulti or sitting n base and doing nothing
          He is a bit unreliable


            hehe visage screaming somewhere?


              It's not that weird, if they bring their usual shape and don't release a new patch for a few months because of "reasons".


                "Bounty can't go mid"

                FIRE...AND ICE!

                  I'm sure I'm about to get flamed by some guy who has 1000+ games on DK/Razor....but for me, Razor suffers from the same thing Dragon Knight suffers from: they are both kind of a boring heroes to play.

                  A passive that increases movespeed? Woweezowee! Now this is pod racing!

                  Bicc Thicc Boi

                    CK offlane, pos 3 Et, Visage, etc. Op needs to play actual dota

                    matt dagon

                      What happened to grimstroke btw? The hero on paper should still be good, with and against certain matchups right? But I don't think I've ever seen a grim being played in like a 100 matches


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                          Razor and BH got pretty weak in mid game (depends what role. If core could be hard to scale to objectives)