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    What do you think of the new Aghs Kawaii, it looks much better now. A dispel and 240 heal/nuke on a 4 second cooldown seems very good. Also Solar crest on the short cooldown seems really good.


      Dazzle is my favorite hero. So, i love this patch. Shard is really op.
      Thanks for this article.


        cheap solar crest is a big win for dazz

        Von Darkmoor

          Get meka hela heal heal herpa derpa
          never get aerher get taunted and stunned and ultid herpa derpa

          Never get Euls No such thing as silence and you Still have meka herpa derpa

          Dont skull shallow ever herpa derpa

          What a stupid post.... 🤦‍♂️


            Dazzle had the +50dmg talent that worked well with the previous shard, then combined with the negative armor was strong so putting him in a core role was ideal. So without the shard, you cant farm, cant do much physical damage. So naturally, Dazzle is now a support that will counter those illusion heroes due to aoe hex. Im thinking they might change it into a stun instead, coz heroes like PL and CK will be dumpstered by a single pick.


              While I love Dazzle, I think with this patch he's just too good as a core with Midas. As a support, I feel like solar crest is a must, because it lets you dominate lanes even harder, and when your cooldown reduction is at 50% you can buff your carry while nerfing theirs at the same time.

              I'm in danger

                i had a game vs perma grave dazzle , thats all im gonna say.

                Sunbleached Angel

                  Always played Dazzle as support, always will