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    Yagami Light


      Dirty FeeDeR

        Just Winter wyvern

        eBashu v KasHU

          juct chen


            Mirana Pos 5 is making me win tons of games in 3k-4k bracket =)


              warlock spammer 6k mmr here


                I am surprised you didnt put the pub winner wyvern here


                  I usually play your mom as my bitch and it works out pretty well for me 1k mmr here.


                    dazzle is amazing, making me grind mmr. 3k bracket

                    The Ancient One

                      You should have mentioned Treant Protector now that he is in the Pro Meta :D

                      SoloGiallo <3 Go_A - ШУМ

                        Ww is great in mid late game but in the lane is awfull you have a heal and a slow , the nuke cannot be used as pos 5 (maybe in the rare case they have a nature prophet) but as 5 i still recommend clockwork that generally is able to kill their 4 or just give easy warding in solo for those carry that farm in unprotected places , venge , warlock -venom- e the old reliable witch doctor .

                        Big Kahuna Burger

                          I love Treant pos 5-4, winrate is great.