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    Any day where the Tinker ban successfully gets through is a good day

    Not a streamer

      I would not call pango nerfs "inconsequential". The shard nerf makes him near garbage against any roots now. Dark willow, Treant, Pit lord, literally just rod of atos. If you cant press shard before it happens you're in deep doo-doo.


        Top tier mid-laner threads should be called "What to pick when Tinker is banned?". Ridiculous hero rework of which is long overdue


          @Head Pain — agree very much, what I mean by inconsequential is that his winrate didn't take a particularly deep dive in terms of statistics. The hero is definitely much weaker in certain matchups against certain heroes, in the we are in agreement.

          @Biurza — "what to pick when Tinker is banned and you don't know how to play Arc Warden". Maybe (almost definitely) I am just bad nowadays, but Arc is seemingly more frustrating than Tinker and that is an achievement in itself.

          fed-up ghost

            @KawaiiSocks - 100% agree with Arc us fucking OP, I just hate playing vs him. Like Ark, Tinker,, Clinkz, Silencer mid etc