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    Hey guys i wanted to know how to improve on apm, my avg apm is 180 i think but, my 2nd game i saw our antimage has almost 300+ apm and he doesnt even use tread switching on am and he has 300 apm. im really curious how? i was the underlord.

    meteor hammer

      spam clicking the ground like an idiot


        @smurf hahaha thats so hilarious man. xd does spamming right click does it?

        meteor hammer


          which of these heroes needs the most move commands :thinking:




              APM doesn't really matter you should focus on getting better at other things


                @rab8 okay, thanks man.


                  Apm good to calibrate VHS

                  pawn 1

                    LMAO >not having 60 apm per second which is one action per network tick. truly plebs

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                    Kill twice in 80 seconds ...

                      Would auto right click be counted as APM? because that thing has insane frequency

                      ywn the protagonist

                        Low apm noobs


                          @ywm hey man any thoughts about 300apm without tread switching?


                            Yeah the auto right click counts. That's probably why the AM had so much APM


                              btw, how do i make right mouse repeat faster?

                              keel :D

                                have you tried checking your settings and reading them while trying them in a lobby


                                  It doesnt really matter, because it always depends on situation. If you are carry in 2x2/3x2 lane, your apm will skyrocket, because you will need to move a lot, pull creep agro, denie, last hit, get forward and backwards... While when you force offlaner from lane and go for 4/4 last hits/denies, you dont have such an issue and you just sit next to creeps and focus on lasthitting (if you are not trying to push the lane and pull neutrals).

                                  As well if you are for example roaming, you are walking a lot and there are many pauses, when you are just moving between lanes/runes - you can go and dont do anything during it, just check the map and change direction once in 2-5 seconds, so your APM drops a lot. Or you can click like crazy and your APM will be higher.

                                  Extra tip how to raise your APM - when you are going long distance (start of the game or if you dont have TP), dont just click once per 10 sec to change direction, but rightclick like crazy some spot on the map... Your apm will skyrocket.