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General DiscussionWho was your first "hundred games" - hero / pick?

Who was your first "hundred games" - hero / pick? in General Discussion
Despair | 絶望

    I just hit 101 without realizing until my last game so, i'm celebrating with Vengeful Spirit!

    Even though she was nerfed badly, she's still viable especially against heroes who always wants to be on the backlines. The greediest of all line-ups would always welcome a Vengeful Spirit swapping Snipers and Invokers for her team to feast on.

    She's also one of my first heroes to learn on Dota 1 and going on to main Support role.❤

    keel (جامد جامد)

      first to cross 100 games: visage
      first to actually enjoy and learn the game on and climb ranked with: sandking

      Despair | 絶望

        That's really cool, i've never touched Visage before. I suck at microing shit & i don't think i could learn much more when i only play like 10 games a week.

        Sand King is really good support but underrated offlaner, good at pressuring other meele opponents in lane like Dark Seer & may come online fast with the perfect snowballing.

        keel (جامد جامد)

          ye i stopped visage after familiars the past they had spell you actually have to be a good player to play the hero..

          Despair | 絶望

            Aoe casters definitely gains big profit from Familiars on mid - late game lol


              The fat butcher :)

              Despair | 絶望

                Can't blame him being the most famous hero. lol ggwp


                  first 100 was was phantom assassin followed by viper and now weaver

                  joan elise

                    first 100 games was chen, also first to 100 games was chen


                      I could only play Viper lolol
                      Played PA in the beginning 'cause my friend said she was op. Too bad he didn't tell me that the "weird animals" in the jungle destroy you lvl 1, that towers deal dmg and that you actually need to last hit in order to get gold. Pff nothing important.

                      Despair | 絶望

                        @bearcat0611 : that's an interesting transition, have you played support Weaver as well?

                        @wait for me : i always salute players with micro skill. wp good sir


                          techies(shh dont look at my profile)

                          Harry Kim

                            SK is a trash support and absolute omegatrash as offlaner

                            Harry Kim

                              first hero i played was ogre i think

                              Dont have a hero with 100 games but i suspect it will be spirit breaker.
                              I have such a deep connection with him that i actually have a 50% bash chance

                              or at least it feels like i get bashes when i really need them.

                              Guess thats my hero theme

                              RNG: CK,SB,Ogre

                              Цей коментар був відредагований

                                Either Slark or pudge, doesn't really remembert

                                Yami Yugi

                                  Absolutely Phoenix, even if my team falls, my KDA has always been the best among them, Shiny hero, love it since DotA1 times.

                                  Too bad my best friend who taught me this hero has passed away, else I can show him how good I am now :')

                                  Midnight Special

                                    another topic where everyone wants to post and no one wants to read

                                    keel (جامد جامد)

                                      silence kotato no one wants to hear you

                                      Midnight Special

                                        ^see! That just proves my point!

                                        RosHan Solo

                                          (1) Wraith King - before talent trees, jungle nerfs and where running offlane was a huge NO;
                                          (2) BloodCyka - because at the time my hero pool was literally WK or nothing;
                                          (3) Axe - Culling is just too satisfying.

                                          Despair | 絶望

                                            ^^^Is it bad to try and do something positive in a forum like this lol

                                            The Godfrogger

                                              Mirana was my first 100

                                              This is was before I became a tb spammer

                                              Jack Attack

                                                Warlock. I climbed the most mmr with him very satisfying aoe piercing ult. Can push hard with it as well. He's also the hero that I have always played regardless of the patch it's my ultimate comfort pick.


                                                  I don't remember precisely since that milestone was so long ago, but I did dominate games with Lycan for my early tenure in DOTA, but stopped using him after he was nerfed into the ground (back when he used to have armor, 1.4 BAT in wolf form, only a 22 second downtime for ult, nearly instant transformation time for ult, bonus HP in ult, lower CD on Howl, wolves that were beefy, wolves that had bash, increased damage and attack speed in passive instead of HP regen, back when you could just go vlads into basher into AC and win games).

                                                  Then they slowly nerfed him until everything cool was removed and he became a microfest, who is still admittedly broken in the right hands, but is much harder to play.

                                                  I also love Spirit Breaker!

                                                  Цей коментар був відредагований

                                                    It was invoker haha when i was very noob i spam him like no end xD

                                                    Tonitrus(turbo player)

                                                      First to 100 games was earth spirit and currently around 600+ earth spirit games


                                                        no regrets


                                                          kotl is too short

                                                          Yami Yugi

                                                            wow all these milestone heroes are great!


                                                              I think it was Medusa, followed by AA shortly after

                                                              When you pick situational heroes as your mains.... no wonder I play dota badly lol


                                                                I think it was Medusa, followed by AA shortly after

                                                                When you pick situational heroes as your mains.... no wonder I play dota badly lol

                                                                Prodigal Son

                                                                  Sure my Nom Nom Nom..
                                                                  then Silencer.. Now Jakiro and Kaolin will touch centurion too..

                                                                  Abyss Watcher's Slave

                                                                    Havent reach 100 with any


                                                                      Spirit breaker then Treant Protector following Gyro.

                                                                      New comers Wraith King and Shadow shaman

                                                                      I might go next BH spamming bec BH is the lousiest shit in the game and if u can win as BH all is possible


                                                                        First hero to 100 matches was Huskar. Don't know why or how, but he just hits that spot for me. I have crossed the 100 game threshold with 8 heroes in total and few are just a handful of games away from getting there. Slowly grinding away for years tends to leave marks here in Dotabuff...

                                                                        Fala amo

                                                                          mine was riki. I used to spam it back then when his ult is 3 charges blink strike and u only need a Mask of Madness and maybe diffusal blade and congrats u win the game rofl. I stopped when his ult changed and now im gonna try to spam it again since i find out a big potential on this hero in this meta. Maybe if valve not nerfing him on 7.20


                                                                            Injoker then pudge. considering i hit 500 games with Invoker last couple weeks, it's safe to say if I had to ever hit 1000 games with a hero it'd be injoker

                                                                            100% N I G G A

                                                                              pudge have 500 games on him.

                                                                              ur parents r siblings

                                                                                No heroes yet xd i get bored easily


                                                                                  100 games on dota 2 on this id brood
                                                                                  idk on other like 5 smurfs or something


                                                                                    I think it was Disruptor. But it could of been Oracle.


                                                                                      earth spirit, back then he's was op as f, nowadays he's shit

                                                                                      TIlt or Rage Thats the qu...

                                                                                        Necrophos during the green patch.The patch of veno and necro. Oh how i miss my immortal necrophos...!!! :p


                                                                                          meepo, then pudge and then invoker. Techies is in my top3 right now too so yeah, imagine what type of human i am xD

                                                                                          52 weebs not cured

                                                                                            How to check our 100th games guys help


                                                                                              meepo and tinker cancer simulatanously

                                                                                              Del Monte

                                                                                                My beloved Abaddon <3