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What to do if enemy team shuts you down completely and you dont get any help from your teammates? in General Discussion
pinoys are assholes

    Either by killing u once or by tri laning against you with some nukes.
    I lost this game.
    I admit i played like a shit as well. But i need some serious tips, i wanna improve slark, So i get a lane where i have enemy lion and jugg and my es is stealing my last hits with q or w.
    Should i abandon lane all together? or try to defend towers. Because i tried to defend towers and died alot of times. I tried to jungle but their supports were good and didnt let me do that either. They had snow ball lanes and they played better.
    But what can i do to improve myself, specifically if i want to play more slark in a situation like this.

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      Jungle like a baboon buy ur own wards and farm like an ape

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        no u have these options:
        1. buy dotaplus, playing ranked role where supports wont lh , and well yes queue time last like 30-40 min :)
        2. play support and get ez mmr
        3. keep playing slark and cry about why 2k support wont help u (thats why he is 2k i dont get it at all :/)


          In situations like team stealing/ruining creeps - I deny as many as I can with as least getting 2cs/wave
          In situations like getting tri-laned/died 2 times - I stay at tower and get just xp
          In situations like diving me at tower - I get xp and try to kill small camp
          In situations like getting gank in my jungle - i put 1 sentry and observer
          (this is what i'd do)
          Buying healing items is cheaper than dying
          Stacking cheap stat items would at least help you fight
          Take 3 deep breaths when tilted

          pinoys are assholes

            Thank you :). @Nikki.
            @Kowareta, i was not blaming my support, i played shit myself that is why i asked for some points to improve myself.

            Mungo Time

              You leveled essence shift level 1, imo poince would have been better since you can't trade with them. Also look at the amount of regen you bought in the first 10min. You started with a quelling blade instead of regen,lion jugg goes on you with nou pounce level 1 and no regen, lane is over for you.

              Stack and pull the safe camp for yourself if the support won't do it and it's not blocked.

              Supports at lower mmr will only realise that you're doing it when you're almost done with the camp. Then the enemy won't even come and contest you efficiently.

              If you're in any disadvantaged lane, try and split the enemy heroes up as they are stronger in a static lane against you and weaker when they're split.

              You can also swap lanes,but don't tp, just walk to another lane. Some people will tp follow you when they realise that you're gone, then you can tp back to your lane.

              Also set yourself a goal in the game, for slark it would typically be that you need your shadow blade. Then you can start playing the map better.

              Hope someone can give you more advice.

              He who knows does not speak

                I'm seeing that you have too many hc's. Maybe if you picked a support that can have a lot of impact like lion, instead of picking a 2nd hc.

                From experience, I'm just assuming that you fought with TB for the lane, which makes the game almost impossible.


                  there is nothing you can do about it..they are predicting what you will do are getting outplayed..just hope that the other lanes are doing well..if you can atleast gain some xp without dying thats pretty ok but your overall impact early game will be pretty might lose game because of that especially with that lineup that needs a lots of space..invoker,slark and tb on the same team..draft better next time i guess..