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    in this match sky who was an immortal rank player lost to archon and ancient players:
    he crushed sf on mid who was a 5k player.
    so if some one told u that with high skill u can win every game tell him to fuck off


      It's like NBA players shooting free throws. Even the best players only shoot like ~90% or so. Steph Curry & Steve Nash have a career average of 90.5%. For reference in regard to MMR, if you were able to win at that rate consistently until immortal, you could grind from 2k to 7k in 250 games going 225 - 25 (W-L). That is beyond ridiculous, so the actual win-rate from an immortal in even the lowest brackets is likely much lower than even 90%.


        So? Bulldog lose to sheever in 1v1 your argument is invalid


          the game is out of ur hands when u pick sky mid


            your team won every other lane lol skywrath alone is not an issue to anyone




                You are gay if you pick sky mid, thats why he lost


                  Archon shit over proud. Who tell you to win every game. Nobody have 100% winrate anyway

                  Btw, i like whenever sky mid lose ty

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                    Dota is a team game, and the game balances rank, which means if one side has a immortal, his other teammates will be lower mmr

                    paNightmare mirror

                      You still have to trust the highest mmr player in your team. Looks like this Immortal dude didn’t throw the game, so whats the point of the thread?


                        Good riddance. Shit hero for shit players.


                          Its fucking 3k average. Sky might be good in dota but you guys play a whole other game.


                            This Sky is a support player.

                            And this Spectre is not Archont 5 at all.

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                              And if you like boasting about beating immortals as a archon, why not challenge immortals to a 1v1 instead?
                              Im pretty sure you can expect what will happen

                              A Wild Pikachu Has Appeared!

                                Archons are about 2k~+ while Immortals are about 6k~+, so yeah, do the math


                                  Lamb already answered the question. If 5 immortals and 5 Archons Play 5v5 the immortals will win probably 90% of the time. There is no rule saying Immortals have 100 win-rate. Upsets happen. I had a game I lost 40 MMR. Our immortal made a mistake or two and next thing you know the unfavoured team won.

                                  wait for me

                                    Good for you. Howeve, it seems you guys had some sick team fights