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im a bird

    idk how,i lose a game then i got + % on my medal then win and got ancient 1. how that's work? :/
    i never played solo ranked match btw,and just playing ranked with my friends. 3.5k solo party 2.5k omegalul

    Ця тема була відредагована

      U r 2 stupid to understand it

      wait for me

        Because the rank medal only shows your highest rank in the season. If your rank goes under 1 star, you'll not see that. However the percentage count still goes on which means your rank medal has also gone downhill. Now if you start winning, your rank medal calculation will go up. And if you start having better rank than your current medal, it'll show as a percentage. This will go on until you reach 2 star. After that. No mattar how shit you play, your rank medal for this season will show 2 star.

        *please excuse my grammar

        im a bird

          ah i see,thanks for the explanation mate 👍👍👍