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General Discussiondoes moonmoon gives more dps than daedalus or bfly or mjo?

does moonmoon gives more dps than daedalus or bfly or mjo? in General Discussion

    with cost efficiency on the count maybe,or people just buying it bcause they rich and can be eaten later then go to the next item

    or for night vision?


      lets say yer hero dun have crit or hit effect lik am or mkb or etc tho


        me like moonmoon cuz i cant count :)
        fastr = betr :)


          rly depends on what ure playing, if u are OD then it does give more dps than daedalus bfly or mjollnir


            yea od has like on hit effects like spec/am lol or diffusal carriers

            lets say,tb? i dunno wat oder hero that doesnt have hit spells


              Its the night vision to outplay your enemy

              Dota not fun

                moonmoon sucks
                daedalus gives burst

                Thing is for moonmoon to achieve its max dps you have to stand and free hit forever
                Whereas daedalus achieves max DPS by getting a crit out of a few hits

                Illusions get attack speed though


                  moonmoon is for extra unless ur hero have some passive that need more aspd is better.
                  and yes, more likely for extra only mostly....
                  or if u play some Dw Carry or Silencer maybe(pretty sure some other item better)~



                    daedalus is always better for heroes (except extremly low as and very high damage)


                    moonshard is better at "low" as for illusions

                    Value in first col/row are value before the moonshard/daedalus.
                    Value in other cells are dps with added moonshard - dps with added daedalus

                    remember that there's a cost difference, that moonshard gives night vision, and is also way better than just raw dps, when proc are involved

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                    aAL Gaming

                      moonmoon = weebs term


                        i see
                        thanks @matrice


                          Daedalus is mostly better for everything I can think off

                          Except OD and Slark which are very meta and very useful on an uphill battle or night time slark with Moonshard is pretty broken since he basically gets *more than day time vision

                          On a side note question now I'm doubting myself and I'd have to go check wheter STR based cores are better off with Mjo or Daeda (since both CK and Lifestealer are better pushers with Mjo than with Daeda and generally off do better without that) but now I'm getting confused since i'm a retard

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                            yes i retard too someone pls do the math


                              moonmoon that's how I gonna call it now
                              ty fearchairu (the real or fake one, idk)


                                i am

                                never real


                                  The answer to your question depends on a hero.
                                  For Ench/OD shard would give the top DPS, hence their orb is the source of damage and the faster you hit, the more damage you inflict.


                                    I've rarely seen ppl buy daedalus unless it has value with your spells like Tiny, Clinkz and Weaver? Mostly Burst
                                    Also Mj is the same like pango, wr or weaver cos it procs just purely more dps
                                    Moonmoon however is strange I've only seen ppl buy it on slark, od or ench when they're stomping the game


                                      Moonmoon however is strange I've only seen ppl buy it on slark, od or ench when they're stomping the game

                                      Moon moon is pretty valid on any hero which benefits from night time ganks, on this regard Slark, Riki, OD or Nightstalker are good candidates I guess.

                                      As for the STR cores dilemma, Mjo does give a better DPS on Ulted CK than Daeda, and despise Daeda being a different proc than his crit, Mjo is worse than Daeda than non ulted CK; open Wounds Lifestealer has a beter DPS on Daeda and better lifesteal too. But Basher Lifestealer with Mjo seems infinitely better on teamfights. But overall I feel that both heros do not have a bigger winrate while using Daeda

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                                      Yami Yugi

                                        lets say yer hero dun have crit or hit effect lik am or mkb or etc tho

                                        this question has it's answer, but not battle applicable you see.

                                        We can always run demo hero and test it out and close the price gap with two or three Gloves of Haste for moonmoon wielder

                                        When the hero is at mid level and is STR or INT hero, it would be easily moonmoon's score

                                        But when the hero is an Agi hero of the ideal type (not ursa or any other slow Agi odd one) during the minute a core can buy the item (which is why I choose mid leveled hero of 15-18 level) immediately, it would be Daedalus's score.

                                        Even though with more sample, Daedalus might won on the slow AS zone, but the odd should be around it's chance (30%) or less.

                                        But offcourse in late game scenario where AS were high, and items were plenty, one should go Daedalus over moonmoon in the particular scenario OP said


                                          i see


                                            Just started dota again after long break but I used to Aquila phase , bf , s and y basher moon shard Was pretty big power spike . Sometimes I would go moon right after fury