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General DiscussionGame is so poorly optimised for higher end Nvidia cards

Game is so poorly optimised for higher end Nvidia cards in General Discussion
parmaviolets (on holiday)

    How is it that this game is so poorly optimised for high end GPUs? I have a 1080ti yet Dota 2 will always crash to desktop when loading the first game I play of the day, sometimes it repeatedly crashes even after I attempt to reconnect, this has literally forced me to abandon and hurt my behaviour score. When the game doesn't crash it literally runs perfectly, so why is it that it during my first game it will freeze up and crash endlessly?


      rtx 2070 here, never encountered this issue, maybe try re-installing the game?


        most likely related to some other issue and not the video card. i have a 1060 ti and i never crash. I can run my DAW, switch game capture software, and much more. Is your video card installed correctly, do you have enough power to even handle it (power supply), and are you sure it's not your drivers/operating system being out of date?

        parmaviolets (on holiday)

          I have absolutely no problems running any other game, I have also heard other people with high end cards complain about the exact same thing so it is not on my end.


            have you used nvidia geforce experience's optimized settings?


              probably ur Ram


                i have a 1060 ti and i never crash

                What in the flying fuck is a 1060ti ROFL


                  Back on topic, I experience a few crashes, but I don't think it's due to my GTX1080, it may have something more to do with the storage being used


                    reasons might be many but it most be not connected with ur GPU. try to do stress tests in any case then blame dota. i think its more connected with HDD after some time (like 3-4 years) they are getting slow, also try to run "Defragment and optimise drives".

                    parmaviolets (on holiday)

                      I did these things including the options tweaks. My shit defrags itself every day so it isnt that either. As I said Dota is the only modern game I play that freezes up like this. The only games I run into similar problems with are Simcity 4 and Tiberian Sun, both of which are ancient games which were never optimised for modern systems

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                        You storing on an SSD or just a regular hard drive?
                        Also, what are you using, DirectX9, DirectX11, OpenGL, or Vulkan?


                          Playing on an 1080ti for 2 year now, never had this issue. its not the card, try something else


                            Dota 2 is very poorly optimized even i get fps drops and i my PC is top 50 in the world!!
                            Your crash however is very likely memory related since dota 2 is shit on memory (it leaks alot)
                            if you overclock CPU, ram or Gpu dont.
                            try reinstalling both steam and dota.

                            if you go into bios you could try to reset everything to default! Works wonders!

                            if you have Geforce Experience uninstall that nonsense.
                            You could also try to reroll your Nvidia drivers that might help
                            They are working alot on huge changes recently that makes thing bugg alot
                            You could also try to fiddle with Fullscreen and or borderless that can change it

                            free mental damage

                              Your pc is top 50 in the world?


                                I’m on a 1080ti never had an issue. Only thing recently was if you clicked on guides the client would crash but that was a Dota issue


                                  I don't get any crashes but i sure do feel like my 2070s gets pretty low fps

                                  Legend Of The Night

                                    try going into demo mode then before starting ur 1st game


                                      check this topic:

                                      same problem, seems like we should contact valve


                                        Dota 2 is very poorly optimized

                                        this game runs even on glorified toasters
                                        stop talking about things you have no idea about

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