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General Discussionif no smurfs existed, bad players would stay bad forever

if no smurfs existed, bad players would stay bad forever in General Discussion
Master of the Apes

    i remember playing dota and getting my shit stomped. it motivated me to get better bc i wanted to do the shit stomping.

    people who complain about smurfs are the same people who drop out of college and claim the system is rigged. they are just dumb fuccs and lazy that don't want to work to get better, they want it handed to them on a silver platter

    if you get owned by a smurf, watch his game and learn, then you will get better instead of crying about a smurf.

    smurfs let you understand how impactful 1 person can be, so use it tor stay bad


      bad players stay bad forever regardless of smurfs

      not everyone can be in the top x%, by definition


        makes no difference rly ur not making any impact on the future.


          yeah not everyone can be 6k mmr god downbreaker pos 3 player buying greaves first item with a fucking chen on his 5
          not everybody that special
          i saw many rank 2k aniamls playing worse than archons
          for being top x% u dont need to be good, u just abuse broken shit heroes and pretend u are good

          zoi | hoodi

            If anything it's the opposite as people that get carried by the smurfs on their team gain delusions of grandeur with a lucky string of rank-ups that leaves them clinging to the dregs of their ability in ranks above their station. Over the course of thousands of games people inevitably will either gradually improve, deteriorate, or stagnate. Either way I've never really found smurfing/noobstomping fun. Those that tend to enjoy it have typically either reached their plateau in ability or, in kind, just don't care anymore, so if that's your cup of tea have at it. Be well.


              Smurfing is great lol, like its the most fun way of playing dota and its not even about stomping bad players but the ability to do things that are not viable vs decent players. I like Techies but Im really bad at it so I just play on low MMR accounts my win rate not even that good but at least I get the chance to have fun.

              AD.GokU™ |

                "I smurf to make ppl good at dota"
                and here I thought this kids can't get more pathetic.

                Hitler be like "I kill jews to make the world a better place" OMEGALUL XD

                You whole post summed up:
                I can't win games at my mmr, so I play at lower mmr to stroke my ego, then to make myself feel better I go on forums and write "I'm helping ppl by smurfing". LUL

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                im MVP again  hahaha

                  Stomping noob players is much satisfying instead of getting high rank that you're not fit into 😏

                  Master of the Apes

                    yeah it makes me feel really good

                    Master of the Apes

                      i enjoy playing vs other smurfs too

                      HexyRose :X

                        I remember playing an AP game some days ago and game was going 50-50. enemy had Lich who seemed to have lag or maybe brain delay or just a new player. he didnt have enough reflex to have impact and I thought that it's ok anyway. let him only stay in game so I kinda ignored him in fights.
                        in that moment I was thinking like: what if this guy feels like he got stomp hard, unable to ply dota so he leaves this game suddenly? actually what we need first of all is a good moral behavior aside our rank
                        smurfing is bullsht and it makes ppl feel raped and they leave this game suddenly.

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                        tryna be pma

                          I feel like this guy got bullied a lotttttt in school and now he is compensating by playing at low ranks so can feel like a Chad for once in life. I hope you grow out of this, if not you'll be very depressed throughout life man just saying...

                          The time has come!

                            I dont know what this thread is about, but i enjoy posting so here you go!

                            cold rune

                              smurfing is based so this trash game can die faster
                              btw waiting for the mass incel suicide after you spent 12k hours on a dead game nobody cares in the west


                                Imagine complaining that people stomp newbs in a 20+ years old game lmao


                                  there is no new player in this game
                                  Only old degenerate players

                                  Master of the Apes


                                    im a very happy man, smurfing just makes me feel even more confident about myself. i should feel confident about myself. im 26, make 100k a year, get to work from home and basically sleep and game all day, do like 2 hrs of actual work, then i go out to the lake and mountain lakes around my area and paddle-board with my chad-chizzled body with my gf. i just bought her a paddle-board bc i can afford to do it.

                                    so im very happy thank you very much theres more but i think for the sake of you apes i covered it well enuf, im also better than 99% of dota players, so that's another thing to stroke my ego

                                    A Wild Pikachu Has Appeared!

                                      i smurf only to play with my friends, dota is just boring now for me to play solo, MOBA games toxicity at its finest

                                      AD.GokU™ |

                                        "I'm a happy man"
                                        "Smurfing makes me feel confident"


                                        HexyRose :X

                                          ^^rank 285 in SEA = Ancient in europe
                                          (and I'm going completely fair)

                                          Blind Pew

                                            A Wild Pikachu Has Appeared! seems sus. This guy account was on sale. lol


                                              Good players might improve when they play with or against smurfs. Bad players should go and watch more Youtube videos, but hey, it is much harder to smurf nowadays as say compared to 2-3 years ago.


                                                I disagree.
                                                If there were absolutely no smurfs, then the vacuum would work: people would play with others at their skill level until they are good enough to play people at the next level. If they are beaten back down by those higher rated players it means they aren’t good enough to consistently play at that tier yet. As for players who are stagnating or even regressing, they are booted out by their peers, and they have to earn back their place in that higher bracket again. It will statistically lead to the normal bell curve of skill rating to number of players. Smurfs, boosters, account buyers throw wrenches into that system.

                                                I can’t believe I took time to think and type this out on yet another shit bait post but it’s done so here have it.

                                                Edit: I say this as someone who has smurf accounts in Counter-Strike and Valorant, and also used to have smurfs in Dota when they didn’t require a phone number.

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                                                  My point above is that if the “bad players” want to get better, they have to prove that they can beat the other players in their bracket, then progress by playing against the next bracket and winning. All the crap about analyzing the smurf’s game to improve your play or w/e dumbass arguments pro-smurfing would apply to this scenario as well. They don’t have to get their shit stomped in by someone even 1000 MMR above them for the lessons to apply.
                                                  Ex. 2.8K player wants to move up to 3K? Plays in a 3K match and loses? He can try to find ways to learn to get better and be able to win at that level. Watch the replay, ask a coach, look up guides, etc. Shouldn’t have to get whacked by a 4K player where everyone else is 2.8-3K, because he’s nowhere near there yet.

                                                  Basically, your “sink or swim” mentality vs “walk before you can run”


                                                    @ET, you missed the point. Smurfing is unfair for the side with smurfs, but the point here is about learning. A smurf may play a hero which a good player is familiar with, and subsequently shows off certain farming patterns, or item builds that may be useful for the good player who wants to learn. Usually innovation happens with smurfs who want to try something new that may not work in his own bracket. However, too many smurfs would definitely spoil the game. If you have like 2 smurfs on each side, it would be hard for players to see the usefulness of the strategy used by smurfs.

                                                    AD.GokU™ |

                                                      Smurfing is just buying a fleshlight/dildo cause you don't have the ability to do it with a real person. xD


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                                                        people who enjoy thrashing lower bracket and feel good are insecure as f

                                                        The time has come!

                                                          Two very big posts.. cant read thouse, Im dyslexic!

                                                          [DoN] Rust

                                                            All i could think of was" how to say you are smurfing, without actuall saying your're smurfing". all of that rant is just som self justification for smurfing. OP seems to ignore that a large portion of dota players are casuals, that have no intention of becoming the best, but are playing the game because it's actually a freaking good game, and simply enjoys playing it. Smurfs only ruins game experience. brings absolutely nothing good to the table. They're just the epitome of sadness that cant handle not winning every game on their own level.

                                                            cold rune

                                                              Dota 2 is een door Valve Corporation ontwikkelde MOBA voor de computer.

                                                              Het is een vervolg op het Warcraft III-scenario Defense of the Ancients. Een bètaversie is op 16 augustus 2011 uitgebracht en het spel zelf kwam uit wereldwijd uit op 9 juli 2013. Dota 2 is enkel te verkrijgen via Steam.

                                                              Dota 2 wordt gespeeld in matchen van telkens twee teams met elk vijf spelers. Elk team bezit een eigen basis, ‘the Ancient’, in een hoek van het speelveld. Het team in de linkerbenedenhoek wordt Radiant genoemd en het team in de rechterbovenhoek Dire. Het spel eindigt wanneer een van de Ancients vernietigd wordt. Iedere speler controleert 1 personage, ook wel ‘Hero’ genoemd, gedurende het hele spel. In totaal zijn er 116 Heroes beschikbaar. Tijdens de match moeten spelers goud en experience verzamelen zodat ze betere items kunnen kopen en een hoger level halen. Met deze items en levels kunnen ze dan vijandelijke spelers proberen uit te schakelen.