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Bick Dig

    Any thoughts?


      Should pineapple be on pizza? Any thoughts?

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      Ayaneru   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        i want to try ML. Any thoughts?


          Its okay during the laning phase but then you will be useless the rest of the game.


            hell nah bro


              @Chidori hell yeah, pineapple on pizza is so good


                My thought is "Easy MMR the enemy have AM pos 4" :lick: :laugh:

                I am Groot

                  ^lol, don't you think so about Ursa offlaner?

                  Where is my Hu Tao

                    pos 4 is suppose to set up kills or provide a team fight disable. Does am do that?

                    Bick Dig

                      pos 4 is suppose to set up kills or provide a team fight disable. Does am do that?

                      Well, AM has a mini-stun on his Ultimate, can we consider that as a disable? Also AM burns mana which renders opponents unable to cast spells and use items. It's almost a Silence and a Mute

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                        Hey, I have win rate over 50% as Ursa offlane. It's not easy MMR. :lick:

                        I am Groot

                          ^Introduce yourself to OG they will replace u with Ceb.
                          DK hard sup + Earth spirit Mid + Magnus carry + MK pos4 + Ursa offlane that's the legendary team

                          yapzor is my idol

                            Whenever Apipe is in enemy team, its free mmr! He cant win even 50% of his matches :)


                              I did it before, back when there was no role queue. It was one of those "oh we have 4 carries I should just convert to pos 4" kind of situations in in ~2.6K MMR.
                              Nowadays with role queue, in addition to having to convince your teammates not to throw minute 1 because of a pos 4 AM, you'd likely be facing 2 true support heroes on the opposite team. It could work especially against supports like Lion, Shaman, but it's not worth the hassle IMO.



                                Bick Dig

                                  I'm surprised that so many people shared their opinions on this shitpost. All the while my dead-serious post remains widely neglected

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                                  Pro "Bono" Consulting

                                    lmao keep it up buddy

                                    Toxicity Out

                                      "Should pineapple be on pizza? Any thoughts?"

                                      I mean, of course Pineapple taste good on pizza, what do you mean