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General DiscussionAre smelly fat Americans more stupid than SEA players?

Are smelly fat Americans more stupid than SEA players? in General Discussion

    I swear, Russians really like this game. I can tell how popular it is in their country. Russians are Asian tho.

    But are Americans as stupid as Taiwanese/Vietnamese players. I ranked the top shittiest SEA countries in this server.

    1. Vietnamese (American's number 1).
    2. Taiwanese
    3. Laos
    4. Noodle words probably Muslim
    5. Indognesians
    6. Pignoys
    7. China


      russians are all animals, not even human

      SEA nationalities are all fine but there are a lot of crazy ppl lol


        like you are a perfect example of someone who should get some treatment for multiple mental illnesses

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          also picking clinkz offlane lul hf in guardian forever


            Divine 3 = 3.4k mmr. Ur literally a joke. Gold 3 on league of legends hahaha.

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              yeah and they are still 2k above you LUL


                hf playing alone forever in herald :)

                GOKU FINAL FORM

                  hurr durr american dumb hurr durrr i make $15k a year in a poor europhag country, therefore I'm jealous of american's big penis and large paycheck


                    Dumbest nigg3r to ever post in this forum tier list :
                    #1. Pignoyinchinadogseapigs


                      Go Puck yourself, Literally

                      Boosted player 👏👏👏👏👏

                      Spirit Medium

                        On a sidenote Divine 3 is 5050 MMR not 3.4k I dont really want to comment on anything else. Just that you are 1.7K mmr off


                          haaah, so many treatment


                            Nevermind I was right, Some Americans almost all are stupid.

                            Dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words (decoding).

                            Dyslexia affects 20 percent of the population of America and represents 80–90 percent of all those with learning disabilities. It is the most common of all neuro-cognitive disorders in America.

                            Those poor souls, they're as stupid as all SEA players but worse.

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                              you are playing 14 games in a day and stuck on guardian like WTF? .

                              get a life and go touch some grass dude or atleast get a job