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Bles Bridges

    Hi guys, I'm a long-ish time player here but due to life and work circumstances I took breaks from Dota longer than years at a time, my highest ranking was Archon but I've dropped all the way down to Herald.

    The slums are crazy, the team mates do bizarre things and I suspect that I suck as well (I know)

    The question I have is
    - Should I keep spamming pos 5?Some games I really feel helpless as support
    - Is it really just better to try and carry and get XPM yourself?
    - Would starting a new account give me a better shot at calibrating better (100 hours)

    I've watched numerous videos from pros and even replays, and I still don't see a difference in my performance. I would appreciate any insight and help.


    zoi | hoodi

      If you have friends with higher ranks and somehow get them to play every unranked game with you and your calibration than a new account could get placed significantly higher. Alternatively, learn to play Arc Warden playing mid only and your winrate should increase to 80%


        find a party. cool ass dude like me. also i am caucasian which means im not racist and can play position in game

        tv/adgoku24 ™ |

          Stop worrying about mmr.
          Play the game.
          Play whatever role you enjoy.

          AND if you really plan to improve, be HEAVILY self-critical. - Even if you lost a game cause your core had 20 deaths, after flaming the idiot in post game, watch your replay and find the mistakes in your game and work on fixing them.

          Less mistakes -> Better gameplay -> Across 50 games, you can end with a W-L of 28-22 instead of 22-28.
          Let mmr track your progress, instead of you tracking the mmr.

          Top Feeder in Herald

            Agree with the above statement. Fill the void left by your teamates. I've had many games where I ward, buy utility items, dust and SOD while carrying the game. Refrain from flaming when the game is going bad and do all you can to reverse the situation (warding properly, supporting, farming, rotating, stacking, baiting, etc.) You need to be versatile and check your team items to see where you can plug the gap. Remember we are all in heralds for a good reason.

            Crystal Meth and Crotch Rot

              You definitely suck. Cos I am crusader and I suck... only difference is you suck ~800MMR harder.

              Learn to play mid or stop worrying about it.

              Seriously tho bro... do you even lift? By which I mean, do you watch BSJ or some other high ranker that offers free advice on YouTube?

              Like, if you are stack/pulling at the correct times, babysitting your core correctly, DEWARDING YOUR FUCKING LANE AND CAMPS CORRECTLY (can you tell this is my pet peeve?), harassing the enemy correctly, tanking the gank intended for your core correctly, not leeching xp from your core correctly, building the correct survive/save items, contributing MEANINGFULLY to teamfights, buying smokes and communicating with team correctly.... if you are doing ALL of this shit correctly, I REFUSE to believe you can't climb out of herald.

              (plus, as I said in the last fucking thread you made on this topic, you die too much, learn to not fucking die stupid deaths)


                Herald is full of smurfs so you really need to play a lot to grind mmr. And its not worth ofc because you will waste your life over video game.

                rice farmer

                  as someone who has boosted around 15 accounts from archon to immortal, what I can say is just enjoy the trench. Have fun. Rising in mmr doesn't do anything except make games more punishing. I get that you probably want a high mmr because you think it means you have a high IQ or whatever or it's a personal goal, but I have the most fun in low mmr games than I do in high mmr games.

                  all rising in mmr does is make the next game harder, is that what you want?

                  if you're working and want to enjoy games, you're probably at the correct MMR. you don't play the game all day everyday like the streamers and pros, so you're never going to be playing at their level unless you no-life it like them.

                  if you feel confident playing core, then play core. midlane is best for rising in mmr as you can still carry games even if your other lanes are doing terrible. obviously some games the enemy will just be too farmed because your other lanes fed so much, but in 90% of the games you can still come back if people are not giving up and if you're having a good game.

                  learn OD meteor hammer mid, ez kills


                    ^And that is some good advice over there.


                      stop lying.


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