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    But I was instructed by gaben that dota was the only game (and life) I'd ever need...


      edic pidor

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      Schrödinger's Core

        Well I tried heroes of the storm. It's way to basic for me :/ Not nearly enough happening and not nearly enough impact.


          dick boobs poop


            Interesting read.
            I guess if you're accustomed to how complex dota is, it isn't really satisfying to go a step back to a simplified version of it (just an assumption, never played any other MOBA than DotA). On the other hand LoL or HotS can be a good introduction to Dota or generelly to MOBAs.
            The thing is, after playing DotA 2 quite regularly I felt like I gained a quite different view to gaming/other games. I've always been playing games reclusively for fun, but with Dota I slowly gained the urge to WIN. 99,9 % of all dota matches I lost were definitely not fun, while with every win dota feels like the best game ever.

            I for example did not care to lose in a round of BF3, CS:go or COD. As long as I was having fun, everything was fine, which kinda stopped after I started to play Dota.


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            bug brain

              I have to agree with ackermax. I used to play Smite, then Dawngate, before settling for Dota 2, and while I enjoyed all those games, I couldn't go back to Smite even if I wanted to (and Dawngate neither, but that's a different story ;__;). I tried recently, and frankly, I found it boring. Everything is so undefined, so dull and unengaging. I guess that I've been crooked by the higher standards.
              I wouldn't go as far as calling "simpler Dotas" bad games. They're for different kind of gameplay, and since people like simpler things more, it's only natural that LoL gathered more popularity than Dota. And it not being a bad game helps.

              Onto the original topic though.
              What I've found myself wanting for is a less complex, faster game than Dota to play during breaks from it. I've found just that in Dirty Bomb. It's a fast-paced, Enemy Territory-style multiplayer shooter with some neat tricks of its own. It's F2P on Steam, and while the pricing for the different mercs (classes) is a bit steep, there's 5 out of 11 available instantly (some unlocked, some in a rotation), and the funds for the first purchase come very quickly. It's only like 3GB, so no harm in trying it at least.
              It's also the first game I've seen that combined characters being "down but not out" with ragdoll. So no more silly lounging across the stairs, or halfway out of a window.
              Worth noting that its developers are the same guys that were behind Brink, so if you thought it had potential, you should definitely give Dirty Bomb a shot, as it's more or less "Brink done right".

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                I only play dota and poker

                Dr. Mole

                  CSGO is a nice break from dota from time to time. Fast paced, shoot people in the head... there is some strategy, but for the most part you can just run around shooting people in the head.


                    If you could, you could expand more on your first part of the essay. Where you reminisce about your Garena days. I think that would be a good read :)

                    U.S.A. Yakuza

                      You actually never really defined what 'Flow' is, or why it's important in regards to DotA.

                      Otherwise, interesting arguments.

                      tangy pookie <3

                        counter strike is ded for me since csgo was released. with releasing their "new game" they simply destroyed 1.6 with new patch and now I refuse to play both of them. 1.6 became unplayable for players like me (10+ years of playing).
                        DotA is probably more fun anyway, but still Its quite sad for me that they can just destroy probably best FPS game ever with 1 fucking patch and almost no one from pro scene gave fuck.

                        sry for bad englandsky / OT

                        RETURN OF THE MACK

                          I realized I didn't even respond to the actual topic of the article lol.

                          (tl;dr at the bottom)

                          Interesting is what DJ HARD DIK wrote
                          If I'm not playing Dota, I have to play something which is totally different from it, too.

                          For example, I'm currently playing The Witcher 3 and it's just about the whole deep story and sidequests and stuff what I'm looking for. The gameplay itself has some more or less difficult aspects (like preparing for certain kinds of monsters etc.) but overall it's quite easy to get into and to enjoy it.

                          I couldn't just play a similar complex (in terms of gameplay) game, because Dota quite frankly can be quite exhausting to play (regarding concentration). That's why I also love Skyrim, it's pretty relaxing to play ( I'm level 56 or so and I#m basically just screwing around lol). Same goes for sports games like the NBA 2k series or Skate 3. It's just quite relaxing to play and it isn't too complex.
                          Otherwise I like "short" games like Risk of Rain, FTL (although FTL is kinda hard to get into after you haven't played it a while) or Plants vs Zombies.

                          They aren't as deep regarding gameplay and they offer a quick start into the game itself.

                          About flow:

                          Kinda hard to explain (also because my mother tongue isn't english):

                          An important thing is that you're so into the gameplay itself that you're absolutely focused on it. Super Hexagon is a good example, as you'll fail badly the first attempts you're trying to play it. But you'll get into the flow (or the "zone") eventually and this is when everything works out without thinking about it.
                          I guess same goes for dota. If you have been playing a while of dota you'll see how certain things happen without even thinking of it. That's because your brain actually has everything already ready and you probably have seen a certain situation before (more several situations).
                          You'll do the "right" thing without even thinking about it. I guess that's what flow is (at least to me). Had a game with tusk where a sven was towerdiving me with his ult and I had like 5 % hp.

                          I blocked his way with Ice Shards so he would have to take a detour and get more tower damage. Next I snowballed him (again=more tower damage) and finished him off with a walrus punch.
                          All that happened without thinking about it and it was pretty badass lol (still lost that game :(

                          I like to play games which are totally different from dota when I'm not playing dota and flow means: being a badass without thinking about it because you're so into the game (in the zooone) (also the author refers to a blog post which explains it far better than I did)

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                            @Meh : That's me!
                            Dota and Poker only. :D


                              but-but-but.... i play osu! mania lol

                              Aomini Daiki

                                Osu! makes everything slower in Dota 2 because of how fast this game Osu! is. AR 7 is already considered fast for my dota friends and I cant play AR 7 because of how slow it is (I mostly play AR 9-9.5 and its pretty normal to me). It actually helps on timing the last hits or when using a skillshot ability (like Meat hook or Mirana's Arrow).

                                Just dont play too much or your fingers get injured disabling you to play both games. (Streams of Death :P)


                                  I started gaming back in 1998 when CS was in the rage. back then, there were 20 vs 20 slugfests... (missed those days).

                                  moved on to other games when I spent more time dead than alive in cs...

                                  started dota in 2003 and never looked back since.

                                  dón kíj-

                                    only played doto because played smite


                                      For me there are 1 or 2 things in my mind that led to me playing Dota, firstly i remember watching a jungling guide on youtube years ago, (i got there from watching wow videos or something) from there it just kinda planted the seed for me, a couple of years later (and a cancelled WoW subscription) i saw it free to play on the steam store and got it. at first i played it irregularly mixed in with things like SC2, but then TI3 happened (just a month or so after i started) to this day, the TI3 grand final is the best series of competitive gaming i have ever seen, and thats where it became a thing.

                                      It's like ackermax said, in dota unlike other games, winning is a much more intrinsic part of its enjoyment, i find if i lose a few games i'll stop for a while almost demoralized, and play hearthstone or something silly like TF2.

                                      and thats the problem, i try other games, like HoTS, and there isn't that edge to it.


                                        and im a simracer who also plays dota

                                        dón kíj-

                                          always used to Play only cs till then somehow i started of with d3 and saw a game named smite which got me into moba and then somehow i kept playing the stuff while still suck at it despite i have a good amount of hours by now in doto, doesnt seem to improve anymore which recently leads to not playing much doto anymore

                                          from Arch1 to Guard1 in 1...

                                            we're all playing different games and i like that you point it out that every single one of them helps to improve in others.
                                            p.s. i think i'll try to lower my dpi too)


                                              "Worst of all - many players simply "shut-down" once there are 5 or more heroes on the screen at the same time and stop functioning altogether." ------------------------------ Wow do you know me? I am really surprised.


                                                Please actually tell us more about the old DotA days! Those stories are always fun to read

                                                Sei la

                                                  The author starts talking about Dota history, how it changed through the years... interrupts everything, saying it's uninteresting for Dota players... and proceed to talk about other games! LOL!l

                                                  C'mon! It woud actually be awesome if you made a huge article talking about Dota history and all changes, concerning the map, gameplay and meta. I started during 6.54 (soon before Kunkka and Wind came in), when the clan MYM was all the rage, with TI1 Na'vi-like aggression, and still have fun watching the meta change all the time.
                                                  Random trivia, for starts:

                                                  - When DotA 6.66 was released, they buffed doom ridiculously on purpose (c'mon, it's 666, and his name in Dota 1 is Lucifer!)
                                                  - In the last years, DotA has undergone a good number of powercreeps. Which means heroes and items were way less powerful back then. Examples: Divine Rapier used to provide +200 dmg.... then +250... then +300... now +330.
                                                  - During 6.6X era, broodbother had 315 move speed outside of the web and spiderlings were extremely tanky and plus other stuff. As result, the hero was an obnoxious first ban in almost every fucking captains mode game. BKB was nerfed as a result (duration reductions got introduced)

                                                  Well... you get the idea

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                                                    For me Witcher is the book, not a game, and always will be.


                                                      osu! would be good if it actually had a decent selection of music

                                                      racism enjoyer

                                                        I like that they mention Leshrac's Diablolic Edict skill in the MTG section. That is also the name of a Magic: the Gathering card! I am sure that is not a coincidence.

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                                                        Sexo Meister

                                                          I really want to see the Author make a huge article about Old DotA, the one before icefrog even touch dota ( like the really first time where tiny was magic immune LOL ) and how the genius manage to balance dota2 till today.

                                                          C'mon just let the oldfags remember the day of the past, it might also interest new players to see the history of DOTA too!


                                                            One more lesson learned from card games:

                                                            - Do not make too complicated combos.

                                                            The more cards/heroes/spells required for the combo the less likely you will get it off, thus making the overly complicated combo-wombo combos "win more, loose more often".


                                                              i agree after cs 1.6 somehow cs feels like like a different game to me thats how i started dota


                                                                Riki deathward anyone? Possibly the most imba (and fun) hero in dota history. His skills were: 1 - perma invis, 2 - blink, 3 - crit strike, 4 - death ward (WD's current ulti on crack).

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                                                                    ΙγrιΙΙνεmροs crιsτεναηιsh...

                                                                      csgo sucks dick. codol best fps, shame you can only play it in china. it's developed by activision's raven located in madison wi, and yes it's run by the same company that owns riot

                                                                      ΙγrιΙΙνεmροs crιsτεναηιsh...

                                                                        as for heroes of the storm, well it's a shit game for clusterfuck 5 man groups. solo players can eat shit there, a casual game that focus on teamplay means solo players can seriously eat literal shit, cus one shit player will fuck the whole team over, and most of the time it's more than 3 shit players

                                                                        and dota 2 has been the same for couple years now thanks to hots and lol influence, i'll check back after ti5 see if the meta still sucks black monkey dong I'll check the news see if a custom game made it into the next big thing but meanwhile fuck dota 2 and source 2

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                                                                        patrick ★

                                                                          I played dota from 6.28, currently I play witcher 3 and heroes of the storm the most. HotS is the game to play for having fun, it is definately more fun than dota. I don't know why people hate it because it is less complex! do games really need to be complex to be good or fun? another point I'd like to talk about is that HotS is less complex for all players who play it not only you, which means game is not easier at all! complexity in multiplayer games =/= game being harder.


                                                                            Hots is just stupid

                                                                            Despair | 絶望

                                                                              I played DotA since 6.xx patch where they gave IceFrog a "tribute", Slark & Ancient Apparition (Get it? IceFrog.) I constantly played it until CS 1.3, it was such a hit for us in the next 2 yrs. but DotA evolved & I started to download and watch War3 replays of Pro Games, the legends were born (Classic EHOME, Classic LGD.Dota, StarsBoba, DTS, MYM etc.). apart from DotA i'm still playing Rhythm games such as Osu! , Cytus, O2Jam (both in Androind & PC, via private server.) Those games gave me a handful of songs just to be "fast-hands" (but not that fast though lol, enough for being a Support 4 & 5 player :) And having map-awareness. I really loved the combination, i never played any console game except Tekken (as it also involves intricate finger moves lol).


                                                                                This post bring back a lot memory. I started Dota 1 before even Garena came out. We only played LAN in my local computer cafe. None of us had an idea about items/builds/heroes and whoever could remember the receipts for each items would be considered PRO. I started CS with Beta 6.1. People could run and awp at same time.