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    ns best roumer


      Should be noted that this is intended to be a basic breakdown. I'm well aware that some may not find this to be anything new.

      That said, any feedback is welcome and hopefully we can do more, similar content with other mechanics/concepts.

      Jay Heraldinho

        3rd boi




            Wow, 4th

            Eat Soup With A Fork


              The Robot Devil

                Lots of luck with roaming Mirana lately. Helps to know how to land Arrows, but she can also get an aghs and farm into mid/late game relevance, which is nice!


                  Night stalker ftw


                    If you actually do buy that shit with greedy cores in your team you deserve to get reported


                      How 'Bout roaming mirana, i've been doing it since last week and have never lost a single game

                      we can't blame animals

                        Tusk is like one of the best roamer right now. As long as you remember his q is already been reworked

                        Ice my frog

                          Elder Titan is a great roamer. Why is he never mentioned much? A great stun(sleep). Nice range (which actually moves) and an aura that's amazing against agility heroes.


                            only major problem with this article is that it's like a history lesson with a very light educational purpose

                            would love a little more specific, helpful articles because those roaming pudges still there doing nothing :3
                            if you need some help with that i would love to offer some

                            yebi kalitkoy ruskish

                              де блять перевод суки

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                                    For me Pudge is the best roamer!


                                      Yeah, should be noted that Tusk is one of the best roamers. Saw singsing spam that hero in his games with great success. The problem is, its only really effective in high MMRs because they know what to do with the hero and cores actually work with you, but can be disastrous in lower MMRs since the players themselves go into damage dealing items and shadow blades. The shards rework did throw everyone off for a while but once you get used to it, you realise its better than before.



                                        I thought/think the history aspect is quite valuable, because as always with Dota, strategies return. And I think it's important to understand why certain heroes have worked in certain metas and dont anymore/who has replaced them for what reason.

                                        Keep Awake

                                          Your writing continues to improve Skim! I'd say 90% of this article is Grade A, but in the other 10% there's some little odd stuff or weird phrasing. If my memory serves your writing used to be 60/40 so yes you've improved a lot.


                                            yes i didn't say it was a bad or useless history lesson i said there was too little beside that and i would imagine people need more to improve

                                            Wake me up inside

                                              A failed gank is not the end of the world. LOL


                                                Member' roaming mids? Ohh I member



                                                  Andy Ahohoy

                                                    Its hard to play, thats why roamers not popular on lower bracket skill.