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Kamado Kun

    whos to judge you? EVERYONE (of my team mates)


      What about Axe and omni is great combo


        third lol

        I Report Feeders and Non-...

          axe + dark seer


            Fifth 4head HI MOM


              sorry but how can u not mention ck lina in this? its one of the strongest duolanes for ages now. only becomes weak against great aoe dmg lategame or counter stun like lc abba. But even then its strong-

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              pura pura

                how can u not mention jugger + void lane


                  Nuke from a distance with Stifling Dagger?? when did 90 damage become a nuke? We are talking about the lane phase right?


                    also, shadow shaman + any right-clicker.

                    Your MOM!!

                      ursa would be great with shaman


                        WHY NO OD + OMNI 4Head

                        fifi nono

                          'while also staying safe through long range and Bane’s Nightmare End.' Wrong spell I think, unless maybe you are referring to the potential for Bane to dodge damage, I assume you mean nightmare?


                            Me and Your Mom


                              lol. @13 Your Father and the Neighbors Babysitter.

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                                noob noob noob

                                Drunken Espeon

                                  Lich+sardar mad kill lane


                                    probably the worst explanation for why wisp is a good dual laner ive ever seen LOL


                                      Some very unusual choices here in this article, people in the comments seem to have the right ideas!

                                      I did a video of my top 10 favourites a while back:

                                      SavingStratsForTI12(͡◕ ͜ʖ

                                        magnus+techies the overlords of offlane duos, enemy trilane for their safelane? no problem, 3 man skewer into mines ez triple kill first blood. If all goes well you will win mmr is 5 mins to their team ragequitting.


                                          @kvo, so what is a good explanation for you?


                                            If peenoise will comment here, he will suggest drow and sniper at offlane, legion commander at mid, and pa and antimage at safelane

                                            Homme viril

                                              best dual ever in offlane: necrophos+kunkka, harass is so tronk they can't even touch a creep, works against trilane too. I did it with a friend for fun, we made their slark go to their ofllane in 2 min and we took the top tower in 5 min, game was won in 25 min lol.


                                                syndereN missing lashits as a free safe lane Anti-Mage LUL xd


                                                  Kunkka and clock offlane
                                                  Super strong against anyone with combo X - cog - battery - torrent

                                                  And dont forget the mighty mirana with bane / kunkka


                                                    Phoenix and Undying offlane. Holy shit man, the fire thingy that comes from phoenix make you unable to hit the tomb, not to mention the high amount of harass these two have even when soloing the lane.

                                                    Techies Mentality

                                                      damn everyone's saying "how bout this, how bout that" dual lanes .. he doesnt need to mention everything .. but how bout techies and tusk dual lanes?

                                                      Nervous Bakedown

                                                        negrophos tiny techies is better at maximizing the effectiveness of techies which is more important currently compared to maximizing tusk effectiveness.

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                                                          The listed combos aren't the really strong and scary ones....

                                                          NeoSuper Sharp Shooter

                                                            Slark + Dazzle ... wtf is this shit combo ~BrokeBack~
                                                            Brood/Cancer/m33po + Dazzle = combo wombo

                                                            and where the fuck is the classic Lich + Doom offlane


                                                              Venge jugger can work too,only after lvl 6 tho,swap,stun,blade fury,easy kill

                                                              Ready Check complete. All...

                                                                Before you rush to comment, "OMG HE FORGOT ______ HERO COMBO, WTF, REPORTED", go back and actually read this part:

                                                                "There are timeless classics that most people know of ... But these are just a fraction of combinations you can run."

                                                                i.e. this post isn't meant to spout the same old combos everybody already knows. It's supposed to propose some relatively new (if questionable) ideas. Yes, he probably knows about Tusk + Techies. No, he's not going to mention it when everybody knows about it.

                                                                On another note, I haven't seen anyone in this thread mention CK + AA yet. Scary stuff, that. CK + Omni is also a classic.

                                                                Bocchi The Rock

                                                                  How can you not mention ursa + nature's prophet? best combo ever bruh


                                                                    No mention of CM + CK.


                                                                      not to mention techies + lifestealer with aghs + spirit breaker



                                                                        dragon energy

                                                                          lol 6char


                                                                            Well, things like core Lifestealer or Weaver offlane are rather situational. Depends on your other lanes, which makes these examples not very useful. Usually you want to have some kind of initiator and/or bracer in the offlane farming position. I mean it's Dota, nothing is well defined, but each team needs a couple of core components. And it's usually hard to play if you don't have anyone who can stand in front or initiate.

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                                                                                Slark+AA is hellish to play against and so is the Veno+Viper lane.

                                                                                yuria of londor

                                                                                  No mention of the legendary Anti-mage+spectre lane?


                                                                                    cm + morph

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                                                                                        Bane+Mirana offlane
                                                                                        Undying+Zeus offlane
                                                                                        Undying+Lina offlane
                                                                                        PL+Kotl safelane
                                                                                        Juggernaut+Venomancer safelane
                                                                                        Bane+Pudge offlane/mid lane


                                                                                          aka stop jungling you noobs


                                                                                            pugna and axe




                                                                                                Morph Invoke


                                                                                                  CM+Chaos Knight. First freeze the target with CM, after it wears off, stun the target with CK. After lvl 2, you can easily teleport the target, have CM freeze it and finish it with CK. It's actually so unfair its funny.


                                                                                                    Invoker + himself

                                                                                                    Yoshida Saki 行方不明

                                                                                                      I do trilane with me, myself and I