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Horror connoisseur

    1st. wohoo

    i iz vins

      2nd yey


        3rd :\

        Stealthy Owl

          Why is weaver that high, his upgrade slightly reduces his survivability. It's useful a great upgrade, but just doesn't fit how weaver is played.


            4th :(


              I didn't even get a medal :(

              The Robot Devil

                My worst aghs purchase was for Axe. Just utterly useless.


                  Luna aghs deserves more respect I think. It makes her ulty stupidly good and unless there's plenty of magic immunity/resist on the enemy team it's really not a bad choice. OD and Magnus are really bad I think and should be a tier lower.


                    Your agahs point of view of SOO many agahs are extremly wrong.

                    bat's is rather garbage.
                    Centaure, doom and techies's are definitly WAY better than bat's. The problem being rather that those heroes are either a bit weak, and/or very wrongly played, nothing to link to their agahs.
                    Techies's one is even probably even better than pudge's.

                    Enigma's is at least tier3, lich's tier 5, zeus's tier 6 (even gyro or sven's agahs are way better than zeus') Morph's tier 3 or 4. Earth spirit's is tier1 or tier2 definitly.

                    Lc's is among the worst of all, waaaaaaay to situational.

                    Luna's is situationally awesome (like with ns or kotl for example), mediocre the rest of the time.

                    Jugg's agah is in the class of alchemist gift, a single dps item being stronger than agahs, same for zeus.
                    Wl's agahs is by no mean weak

                    Tuskar's is definitly tier3, especially considering last buff to cd/damage

                    I don't even know why we don't have a tier7, specially designed for od's agahs, as it's the only agahs in the game, that actually reduce the power of an ultimate. Not even alchemist should gift that

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                      why is qop ags this low ? it gives her stats she needs to be less squishy and the cooldown reduction is insane


                        Qop's agahs is garbage. Her ult's cd is already low enough. Conceptually it's like a zeus agahs, but is worse, since qop can scale pretty well in lategame assuming a carry/semi carry build. (but at least a qop who is being very behind can consider getting this item, while zeus should NEVER ever hence its higher rank).

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                          "Gyrocopter and Lifestealer ones are almost completely useless, aside from some cheesy shenanigans which only work in lower-MMR games."

                          Tell that to bulldog's stream, he wins his ranked games with aghs on gyro lul


                            her ult cd ist 135 seconds and with ags it´s 40. How is 135 seconds low enough ?


                              I like aghs on Zeus.


                                Either you have a full 40-60 secondes cd ultimate team. and yeah that's too long (but those team suck anyway)

                                OR you have an other hero with an average cd of 110-130, and in this case you don't need the cd reduction. It's not even mentionning if you have LONG cd, like 160 in your team.

                                The 40 sec cd ult is usefull usually only if you can use that spell to farm creep. Sadly it's not 30 sec, nor does qop have the mana to spam it, unless you go heavily on some magic build (like shiva hex refresher), which SUCK. At least a dagon / eb build give you the opportuniy to burst people (if you want a magic build).
                                That cd could be 80s instead of 40s, that would be exactly the same. Except, you would not be defending that item.

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                                  Huskar aghs is quite powerful... A 66% nuke with 4 second cd is one hell of a burst especially with the tank heavy game we have today... But I do also know that the item slots do fill up very fast and it isnt a high priority item, but in some games against really fat targets it is required.

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                                    Yeah, huskar's agahs, is in an awfull position (like bristle). It's kind of hard to place that item, considering how you are forced to play the hero. It's strong in itself, but most of time the hero cann't affoard to buy it, cause he'll lack too much of something else, like tanking.

                                    dead inside

                                      This post was shit, they just based on the popularity of the item. They should maybe look at the winrate but not popularity! C'mon Dotabuff you are better than this.


                                        WL aghanims is deffinetely tier 2 but not lower. Luna and WK are situationally strong. Beastmaster is not tier 3 but tier 5


                                          Are you serious? Alchemist giving an aghmin to Sven is great. It increases your team's DPS by such a large amount. Imagine what would happen if sven uses an aghamin ulti on tiny, or drow(they have very high base damage).

                                          BEST CYKA EU

                                            Pudge tier 1...
                                            ok lol dude.
                                            its maybe EXELENT 4S GRAB
                                            but pudge need items before taking aganim, and not rush it. maybe late game situational, since you need boots, blink, lens (i like it), force staff/blademail/pipe/shiva/heart and etc...
                                            instead of EVERYONE ELSE on tier 1 that need to rush ag to be useful.

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                                            Kenpo Jesus

                                              Necro should always be tier 1 of the impact it does. U kill the core and he has no bb so ez win. Do the math first article writer. U fucked up with the tier lists some aghs dont have the right place they belong.


                                                I like enigma's aghs, it is insanely pleasing to see the HP
                                                of the tanky cores drop nearly as of the support's HP.

                                                ミカヅキtekkeX 💜

                                                  sf, qop, and techies aghs in the same tier as storm, lc, and skywrath aghs 4 fucking Head


                                                    Give Riki and spectre agha . . .

                                                    Jerusalem > Anime

                                                      There's no way in the universe that Warlock Aghanim's is tier 4, is basically the only item you buy with him aside from some mobility and refresher. Also Pugna should be tier 1 and Legion tier 6. And Enigma with Aghanim's and Refresher can solo team wipe the enemy team so it should be at least tier 3. Techies is basically mandatory and Sven is really good if you have others right-clickers since that is his main damage source and will basically melt the enemies if paired correctly. Ogre Magi should be tier 2 cause is massive damage with technically no mana requirements. I would also put Oracle in tier 2, the coldown only gets reduced 1.25 sec but it actually does save lives.


                                                        Techies is useless without aghs. I don't think there is a hero other than Meepo where aghs is more required than it is on Techies.

                                                        Pudge can easily make do without.


                                                          You misused 'former' and 'latter'. It should read "The FORMER is slightly better in terms of providing said vision on-demand, the LATTER has an added strong burst heal.

                                                          +25 for grammar Nazis.

                                                          Biggus Dickus

                                                            warlock aghs is tier 4 while naga aghs is tier 3, haha
                                                            nice game knowledge dude

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                                                              Abaddon Aghs is way more undervalued than you think, guarantees that you get healing if enemies fight into your ult, and is an amazing counter-initiation tool. Say a tide jumps in on your team with ravage, manually use borrowed time and shield your carry. Their stun time will be wasted, trading a 150 second cooldown for a 40 second cooldown.

                                                              O Gozão - The Big Cum

                                                                FINALLY I CAN COMMENT OMFG WHY THE HELL WAS I MUTED FOR A WEEK WTF, YOU CANT EVEN JOKE HERE???

                                                                Party rus=mute

                                                                  Brew is good but hard to play
                                                                  And why pudge Tier one and clock not if it's bec the low cd?


                                                                    Techies is a Tier 1 Aghs for sure. Not sure why it's that low.


                                                                      All hero must be upgradable by aghanims.

                                                                      Earl Trybicowyll

                                                                        Pudge's placement doesn't really fit with the rest of the T1s. Pudge wants to buy lots of other items (aether lens, pipe, force, blademail, heart even) first and it's good but not that big of a deal.

                                                                        It's also quite amusing that Warlock aghs is listed as being worse than necro 3. The golems do aoe pure damage, which is typically way better than what the necro units provide. They also are much tankier.


                                                                          Agh is great for cm and lion, for treant and witch doctor is essential as well


                                                                            lmao this is probably THE worst article ive seen that is posted by dotabuff

                                                                            Bread Mage

                                                                              Luna's ult gets a huge upgrade from the scepter - it's just that spending 4200 gold and an item slot on a rather tempo-focused hero with such good right click-focused skills is a waste. For that much gold, you could almost buy a manta style. Or you could upgrade your HotD to Satanic. That's 175 gold short of a hurricane pike, which gives the same Int, +5 Strength (so a net -75 HP), +10 agi, +140 attack range, and an active that, if nothing else, lets you traverse cliffs. 4200 gold on Luna is Sange & Yasha, a Moon Shard, a BKB, hell even a Diffusal 2 - the single most gold efficient Agi item outside of components like blade of alacrity. Hell, you could get 2 ultimate orbs. Her Aghs just doesn't justify the massive build detour for position 1 Luna.

                                                                              Professor Dog

                                                                                Magnus aghs w m33p <3


                                                                                  Lifestealer aghs is the biggest joke on Dota

                                                                                  Nero Scarlet

                                                                                    OD was put too high

                                                                                    for him.

                                                                                      warlock on tier 4? okay


                                                                                        How am I suppossed to read this, with a white/sandy background?


                                                                                          Ok there are so many wrong here. I would consider spirit breaker's aghs is at least situational. 20 second cooldown. Better cast range. Aoe (yeah it isn't that big but it can be really good situationally). The improved cooldown is the important part. If ur playing a game of long cooldowns with enigma/tide/magnus/naga/doom etc don't bother though. U get it for constant and drawn out fights / ganks and stuff. Just think about a smallish aoe, stupid cast range, bkb piercing stun.

                                                                                          Warlock's is core.

                                                                                          Witch doctor's is up there with the best.

                                                                                          Legion's is damn aweful. It's so bad it often ends up helping the enemy.

                                                                                          Techies is core.

                                                                                          Luna's can be great.

                                                                                          Lion's is excellent if u get enough gold especially with a good set up from enigma/magnus/earth's grand slam

                                                                                          Dark seer's really isn't that good. Highly situational at best.

                                                                                          Batrider's seems great until you actually try it. it's almost always a complete waste.

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                                                                                            Phoenix's is pretty good too. Extra hits to kill the egg. Game changing save on occassion. Re-sets cooldowns. The stats are kinda good.


                                                                                              This is just my opinion but I think Aghanim should become a consumable to all. My proposal is, for all hero except Alchemist, it can be consumed but will be given 40% the stats, or even less, or even none at all if it is still too OP. When Alchemist gives it to other heroes, it gets the full stat bonuses but when Alchemist consumes it, he gets 1.20x (or more)the bonuses. Of course, when consumed, they get their skill upgrade,if any.

                                                                                              As mentioned in the post, Aghanim is only good (or is a core item) for very few heroes. Since most of the heroes would go for better items or would never opt for said item, at least those heroes have the option much later on to consume it for an upgrade. This would not be broken because as mentioned, there are items that most heroes would go for, so this is more of an I-have-too-much-gold-with-me type of item, plus, the negative effect of having the decreased bonuses would balance this. Again, this is just my opinion.


                                                                                                Warlock needs to be in tier 1. Tier 2 minimum.


                                                                                                  Maybe I'm just shit, but something just feels satisfying about seeing a Kunkka aghs boat drag a team into an easy set-up into other spells


                                                                                                    Seriously no one against 1st tier Mirana? Still after it is nerfed by half?

                                                                                                    dead inside

                                                                                                      Again, this is by far the worst article by Dotabuff